Ages and Stages of Biblical Learning- a Resource!

I wanted to share a really neat resource that, if you have been at PCI in the last year or so, I have probably already shared this with you! As parents and disciple makers, we want to be teaching our children biblical truths as they grow older and begin to understand more about God. However, it may be difficult sometimes to know what our children can comprehend at their age level. For example, Do I teach my 4 year child difficult concepts of the Holy Spirit? Do you simply teach your teenager “God is real” or deeper things such as “God communicates to us through His Word and hears and answers when we pray, and our spiritual maturity depends on these spiritual disciplines.”

The Levels of Biblical Learning divides up biblical concepts into different categories such as God, Jesus, Church, Family… and into age ranges so that you can see clearly what type of things your child can understand and digest at their age. It is so neat to see how God designed even the smallest children who are just beginning to sense the expression of love, to hear and begin to know that “God loves me”. An older preschooler is uniquely able to remember Bible stories and also know that “The Bible is true”. And a middle schooler, who is developing their core beliefs can hear and comprehend “God is worthy of our worship because of how He relates to us and because of who He is, and we owe to Him our attention and affections.”

These are just a few examples from the Ages and Stages resource. I hope you will look into it for the ages applicable in your own life. I pray that we will all continue to love our children and teach them the Gospel daily, using this resource to speak age appropriate truths into their hearts.



Ages and Stages of Biblical Learning

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