Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings


She was ever thirsty, came daily to this well,

Her bucket lowered down, a darkness of her hell.

And each day she believed, “At last my thirst be quenched.”

Sure this water splashing, her heart should now be drenched!


Her thirst was much deeper, for deeper connection,

To know and to be known, with purest affection.

But the “water” she drank, from her polluted well

Was a man to love her, but she kept tasting hell.


A Stranger did she meet at her heart’s water well,

And from Him tasted she fresh “water” from Him fell.

Something pure and rich, something real and clean,

Water from a fountain! And she felt like a queen.


Thirst, thirsty, thirstier, ever more are we,

Dry, dryer, and driest, parched, empty, lonely.

Longing for what’s rich, His satisfying love.

Fresh “water” showers down, lift your eyes Above.

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