Minor Prophets: MICAH


In the book of Micah, we see that the people of the northern kingdom (Israel) did not respond to him or the other prophets and paid a heavy and horrendous price: invasion, exile, and slavery. The people of the southern kingdom (Judah) did heed his preaching and were spared invasion and exile. No matter how…

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Minor Prophets: JONAH – pt. 3


The last part of Jonah culminates in God’s mercy!  We all need God’s mercy.  Both the Ninevites who were residents of a city with a long history of evil, and Jonah himself with his “better than them” attitude.  What we learn about God and what we learn about ourselves is all “out there” in Jonah…

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Minor Prophets: JONAH – pt. 2


Jonah is a remarkable study in two ways.  What does God do when we rebel against Him? What does God have to do to keep us from self-destructing in our waywardness?  If you see two “sides” to your nature and it confuses you, join the club! The book of Jonah shines a very bright light on…

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Minor Prophets: JONAH – pt. 1


The book of Jonah is unlike every other minor prophet. The “bad guys” seem better than the “good guys, and the “bad guys” seem more humble and repentant than the “good guys.” Jonah reveals not only who God is but also who we are. It is a stunning expose of both the character of God and heart…

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Minor Prophets: OBADIAH


There are sins “everybody” condemns. Ironically, very few include themselves among “sinners.” There are some actions and attitudes that the bible labels as sin, but we tend to minimize any culpability as those sins are lesser sins, certainly not worthy of a heavenly spanking, or worse. Obadiah deals with the sin of pride. After reading this one-chapter…

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Desires & Surrender


Our desires are confusing things. Some are clearly wrong and some are clearly right. It is what the bible calls “deceitful” desires that trips us up. Chasing these usually leads to the exact opposite for that which we hope–great and lasting satisfaction. But “deceitful” desires are powerful. They won’t go without a tenacious fight within us. What…

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