Invest Your Time and Talents


We all have a yearning to make our life count for something that matters, that impacts other people, and that will outlast ourselves.  Every Christian has been given at least one spiritual gift. Will we use it or hide it? Will we serve the Lord and others, or will be serve ourselves–settling for what is convenient…

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Clear Relationships


Relationships get messy. Conflict is inevitable. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings are inevitable. The trick is not how to avoid them. The trick is how to think about them and work through them. (This is one of the “hidden” tools in building intimacy!!!) But it’s not easy. It’s humbling, when we try to learn how to…

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Living an Honest and Open Life


Whatever it is you are trying to build, whether it is a marriage, a family, work, career, ministry or a church, there are seven attitudes (values) that help us build well.  Living an honest and open life is crucial to building trust relationships with people. It is true in a marriage, at work, with extended…

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Put the Success of Others Above Your Own


We are starting a new series called the Pacific Heart Attitudes. There are seven values to which we aspire to live out personally, and corporately as a church family. These heart attitudes are not limited to building church life. They are New Testament values that you can apply in your personal life, marriage, parenting, work, and…

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Witnessing Made Easier: Salvation By Grace


We finish up our series, “Witnessing Made Easier” with two key points.  First, why no one is good enough to be saved. God doesn’t “grade on the curve.”  Second, Jesus illustrates the point with a famous parable, aimed at the people most likely to assume they were good enough to be saved. Spoiler alert: the…

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Witnessing Made Easier: The Gospel in Detail


Alex Wong encourages us this week to know what the “good news” is all about.  Knowledge of the gospel is a key part of sharing the reason for the hope we have inside!

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