How God Uses Money In Our Lives: Other-Centered


God is committed to making us like His Son, Jesus Christ. That means turning self-centered people like us into other-centered people like Him!  One way He does that is through money–building a generous heart in us. We can cooperate with Him the easy way or the hard way. Sometimes, the hard way is God reaching…

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How God Uses Monday to Shape Us: Trust


Trust is a funny thing.  We love to give it freely, but once trust is broken, it is difficult to earn it back again…with people.  But with God it’s completely different.  He wants us to trust Him, and we should trust Him because He is TRUSTWORTHY.  However, God sometimes uses money to help us learn…

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How God Uses Money to Shape Us: Devotion to God and People


God uses money to shape us. Oftentimes, we can begin to sense His shaping when finances are tight. One of the virtues God is building in us is devotion to God and devotion to people. The problem we all have is we are naturally more devoted to ourselves than devoted to God and people. Today, we’ll look…

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How God Uses Money to Shape Us: Financial Freedom and Contentment


Sometimes we get into debt because of circumstances beyond our control, like getting laid off in a down economy. But most of the time we get into debt because we are naïve and/or careless about money. Often, because of a lack of contentment, we try to use money to fill empty places in our heart,…

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How God Uses Money to Shape Us: Escaping the Debt Trap


We continue our series on how God uses money to shape us. This week we’ll look at getting into and out of debt. Obviously, it is much easier to dig “into” the debt hole than to dig our way out.  I’ll share six danger signs of getting into debt, and nine steps that are sure to help…

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How God Uses Money to Shape Us: Responsibility


God uses money to expose our values and our hearts. He uses money to build Christ-likeness, His values, His kingdom, and our faith. God uses the visible (money) to expose the invisible (our hearts/character). He also uses the visible to build the invisible (our character).

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