Parenting 101: Teaching Kids Respect


It is crucial that we teach our kids how to be respectful, how to manage not just their actions, but their attitudes. This week we will look at 7 principles that can guide parents in this important endeavor.

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Freedom vs. Self-Centeredness


This week we are looking at our desire for living for self, or self-centeredness, and how that feels like it will lead to freedom. But, alternatively the Bible promises freedom for those that choose to follow Christ instead.

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Parenting 101: 5 Keys to Loving Discipline


Parenting is a challenging endeavor! It generally gets hardest during the “terrible-twos” and the teenage years. Every child needs discipline to know where the boundaries are in life. To leave a child to their own devices is a huge mistake! The Bible gives us clear instruction on the need for discipline and how to lovingly administer it.

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Parenting 101: Meet Your Child


Few things in life are more perplexing than parenting. Parenting is made somewhat easier if we at least know what we are up against in a child’s nature and can understand what our children are chasing after. We must understand the “human nature” of the problem if we have hope of dealing with our children with wisdom,…

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Biblical Economics


The Bible talks a LOT about our responsibilities regarding money. What are we to do with money? How are we to think about money? Here are the categories we must consider: Faith, prayer, trust, budgeting, planning, prudence, counsel, work, diligence, responsibility, giving, generosity, saving, debt, and contentment.

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Correction: Give It and Receive It


Nobody “enjoys” being corrected. We usually bristle when it happens. We may secretly utter, “And who are you to correct me?” The first issue here, is that we ALL need correction at times.  The real questions are: How should we receive correction? And, how can we GIVE correction to others without damaging our relationships?

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