Re-routing to Joy: Heartache


God’s back road of heartache can be excruciatingly painful. Sometimes is involves human betrayal, lying, deception, rejection or even being replaced. Yet, God can use even this pain redemptively. We’ll look at a woman who had failed in five marriages yet found the love and acceptance her heart had always craved.

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Rerouting to Joy: Delightful Dependence


Although we wish this world were a lot more like heaven it certainly is not. It is meant to be hard. Why? Because our hearts are hard. As long as life is “smooth” we will have no motivation or reason to face and admit our sin, our need of a new heart, and a new…

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Re-routing to Joy: Glad Surrender


We’re not good when the “unexpected” comes crashing into our lives. We’re REALLY not good when TWO big unexpected boulders crash into our lives. God re-routes Hannah to the back roads of the Unexpected, circumstances you never imagined YOU’d ever have to go through. Along the way, Hannah found JOY she never expected to find,…

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Re-routing to Joy: Brokenness


There is another one of God’s “backroads” to joy. It is the two roads of “Broken” and “Beloved. This is one of the deepest roads to joy AND one of the deepest joys. We don’t like the first backroad: “Broken.” We fight against feeling broken, and we resist this with every fiber of our fallen…

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Father’s Day 2024


The phrase I hear the most from people who reject Christianity is the phrase, “Why does God let bad things happen?” There are a number of reasons, one of which is God’ discipline. We are going to be diving into the idea that a good father must discipline his children.

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Re-routing to Joy: Unmet Longings


Last week we began a new series entitled “Re-routing to Joy.” This week we are looking at another way that God allows us to find unexpected joy. We will take a look at the backroad of unmet longings and how they can help you to discover true joy.

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