We Are an Evangelism Community


This week we’ll look at how a primary purpose of Church is to reach people with the gospel, and conversely, how God’s design for reaching people is through the Church! How did the early churches relatively new believers share their faith? We will also consider, at what point do many of us get stuck sharing our…

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We Are a Fellowship Community


As a church we are a fellowship community. We are to reflect the wonder, grace and glory of God in our interactions with each other. Sometimes, we find ourselves in some very difficult and “impossible” relationships. How are we to navigate them? How are we to think about them? How are we to act? What is God’s…

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We Are A Discipleship Community


After coming to Christ in salvation, Jesus calls us to follow Him. We are to follow His teaching, His example, His heart, His commitment, His values and His vision. Along the way, God provides us choice people from whom we can also learn. They are brothers or sisters who have traveled farther down the road with Jesus…

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We Are a Worshipping Community


A church has 5 New Testament purposes. Worship, outreach, discipleship, fellowship, and ministry.  This week we’ll explore the purpose of worship. What is worship? Why is worshipping God important? Why are we supposed to worship together?

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Creating Good Will, Favor, and Trust.


Growing relationships are built using our three “tools” for the week: 1) Creating good will, and 2) Creating and giving favor, and 3) Building trust.  Each are important in relating to those we love and just as important in relationships with people who are harder to love.  We’ll explore each of the three tools and…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Building and Intentionality


Our relational tool this week is blueprints. When contractors are building massive buildings, they must stick to the blue prints. To not do so could be fatal. On the other hand, if you are trying to build a simple birdhouse for your back patio, you can “wing it” without blueprints. If you’re trying to build…

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