The Larger Story – The Lesson of the Glass Swan


Shattered dreams are an excruciating part of life. When our hopes, ideals or dreams get shattered, we feel damaged beyond repair. How are we to process shattered dreams? What is God up to, and why would He allow it? There are three important truths that help us navigate shattered dreams that we will explore with Mary Magdalene…

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Portraits of Jesus – Uplifted Savior


The crucifixion accomplished our atonement, that which allows us, though we are sinners, to be in relationship forever! Think of “atonement” as “at-one-ment” with God.  But this week, also notice how Jesus Christ dealt with incredible suffering and heartache while surrounded with hell’s evils hurled at Him.

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Portraits of Jesus – Model Sufferer


John 18 deals with significant events just prior to the crucifixion. Jesus will wrestle with God on the suffering He will face, betrayal by Judas, denial by Peter, abandonment by his disciples and sex different trials where Jesus is beaten and false testimony is given against him.  And you think you had a bad day…

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Portraits of Jesus – Giver of Glory & Joy


Joy is something that we all want.  However, we often find ourselves fighting for “happiness” which is often somewhat situational, by comparison.  Joy comes from letting go of our willingness to have control over the outcomes in our life.  Often we insist upon controlling our narrative, rather than to recognize that God is painting a…

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Portraits of Jesus – The Good Shepherd


The nature of our relationship with Jesus is more than teacher and disciple, Lord and servant, savior and believer.  It is meant to be deeply relational, strong, and tender. The shepherd knows His individual sheep. The shepherd protects His sheep from predators. The shepherd tenderly feeds them and cares for them. The shepherd is willing to die…

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Portraits of Jesus – Giver of Sight


John Chapter 9 includes the story of the healing of a blind man and serves as a metaphor going from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight. Whenever you have run into confusion about why you do what you don’t want to do, or why you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, you’re in need of spiritual…

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