A Biblical Worldview – Work, Economics, and Government


Work is work, and work takes work. Work is another introduction into the realities of life.  But work is not just about work. There is the interplay of economics and government. It is important to have what the bible calls “understanding,” not just about work, economics and government to have “understanding” about how these three entities…

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A Biblical Worldview – What Does the Bible Say About Gender?


In our day there is growing confusion about gender. There is a secular movement of thinking that seeks to minimize or obliterate any differences between genders. In this secular way of thinking, gender is something that one feels or identifies as. This is like leaving a great sailing ship on the high seas without sails…

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A Biblical Worldview – Biblical Marriage


What does the bible say about marriage? Up until 15-20 years ago this was not a “controversial” topic. Everyone knew the answer. Our secular culture continues to send its tsunami waves at our Judeo-Christian heritage, causing great confusion. How are we to think about same-sex marriage? What does the bible say? Before we address those questions…

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A Biblical Worldview – The Sanctity of Life


As we continue our conversation on a Christian worldview, specifically as it deals with thinking through this upcoming election we are diving deeper and deeper into different issues. This week we are looking at the sanctity of life. What it means to be made in the image of God, to have value, and to be…

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A Biblical Worldview – Globalism


One of the strong movements at American universities, the “elites”, and among about half of our politicians is “globalism”. The philosophy of Globalism implies that those who seek global economies or political structures pursue virtue and nobility. Further, that those who would pursue nationalism are jingoistic and evil. But the question is: is globalism really…

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A Biblical Worldview – The Role of Government


Our task is to always learn God’s eternal truths and apply them to our lives. This includes how God views government. What does the bible say about government? How do the bible’s stories illustrate the truth or foolishness of how government is done? How do we apply the biblical truths in our country? This requires…

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