Wont’ You Be My Neighbor?


Being a “good neighbor” is a biblical idea that we all tend to hear and think it’s a good idea. But, when it comes to the actual practice, we tend to drop the ball, especially when it becomes inconvenient. Let’s take a look at what it means to be a good neighbor.

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Connecting as a Worshiping Community


We are a worshiping community. In that community our joys are magnified, and our sorrows shared.  Unity, the experience of community that worships God together, serves together, loves together, and shares common purposes provides joy for the heart that cannot be found in isolation.  We’ll find five examples in the Psalms of Assent that illustrate…

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Seeking the Lost


Sometimes the dearest connections we make come when lost people find Jesus Christ. In church life there should always be more “room” to make new connections with lost people and new believers. This week, we’ll look at a very UNlikely lost person’s conversion to Christ, and how it happened.

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Ministry and Teaming


A church is not a building. The Bible makes it clear that the church is a body of believers ”called out” for a purpose, and each purpose may be different!  A church is a group of God’s people, in community, making a difference in the lives of people, for the glory of God.

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Growing and Connecting


Every genuine Christian wants to grow in their faith, and in Christlike character, but how does that happen? Growth takes intentionality, and involvement with people. Humility and a learner’s heart helps immeasurably. In the final analysis, you get to select your rate of growth! You can take the slow train or the fast train!

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Conversion and Baptism


There are words that we sometimes skip over, when we talk about faith. What does conversion really mean? What is sin? And these questions lead to other questions: How come I can’t fix myself? What does Christ’s death have to do with my ability to even come to Christ in faith? What signs should I…

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