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Biblical Virtues to Pray for your Child


Calling all moms and dads! I think most of us would agree that, in raising children, there are some seasons where we feel at peace and hopeful and then other seasons where life may feel shaky and scary. At times those peaceful seasons may allow us to feel like we are doing a good job…

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“Come to Me”


Holiday season is here! And with that comes so much joy, anticipation, time with friends and family, and probably lots more emotions with the hustle and bustle. My daughter has been sick all week and with that came a slower pace of life, some restful and some not so much:) As I was reading books…

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A STARRY NIGHT High up in the mountains, in the darkness of night, Blackness in the forest, the unknown bringing fright. But higher even still a panorama glows. The moon and stars bright shine, my heart can know repose.   The pantheon of stars, trillions in their brilliance, How came all these to be? And…

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Life is Like a Balloon


Today I got to do something really fun and different.  My wife had gotten me a certificate for a hot air balloon ride some time ago, we scheduled it for today.  We had to be there really early in the morning, because the balloon launch is at sunrise, when they predict the wind will be…

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A SUSTAINING JOY   A sustaining joy… Not giddy, not “fun.” Not needing what I get From any someone.   A sustaining joy Down deep in the soul, Felt as an anchor; I’m being made whole.   A sustaining joy, The joy of sacrifice, Made for another, Grace to pay a price.   A sustaining…

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THE “Feelings” gOD


“THE FEELINGS gOD” Our culture talks of “love” in some strange, simple terms. “To love and accept me, my ways you must affirm!” Can I say nothing when I see you self-destructing? Is that how “love” is defined? “Yes! You are obstructing!”   To disagree with some is now taken as “hate.” “Agree with me…

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