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THE SCULPTOR   This massive, weighty thing, a giant granite rock, Cut out of mountainside, it sits as one great block. Transported far away from ice and winter snow, Cold is left behind. Now, in sculptor’s studio.   Shattering hammer blows, the hard granite, pounded. Giant pieces flying, sharp slivers compounded, Rocks, pebbles pulverized, dust…

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Dancing with my Daughter


As part of my daughter’s senior year in National Charity League, she participated with her senior class in a special ceremony called senior recognition where the girls are recognized for their service to the community with various charitable leagues and foundations. It’s really kind of a big deal. Picture a wedding, with 15 brides! :-0…

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ANXIETY’S SCORECARD   March 5, 2018   I seem to use a scorecard ev’ry day: “How’s it going? Are things going my way?” “Are things finally ‘coming together’?” “Are struggles getting any easier?”   “Will they finally be in a good mood?” “Will she notice her crummy attitude?” “Did somebody notice what I did well?”…

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A Hell of Mercy


Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to see what God is doing through our suffering and pain. This poem is dedicated to making that a little clearer… A HELL OF MERCY   Augustine said his heart, like a haunted mansion, From which he found no rest; search for satisfaction. No escape could he find, tormented distractions, Ghosts…

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The Viper


THE VIPER   January 14, 2018   I sat in a Togos, eating my chicken wrap, While two teenage coeds had mouths in hyper-flap. One rattled on and on, impossible to miss. She led us on a trip, into her heart’s abyss.   “My dad will not listen, his rules unbendable. Mom can’t relate to…

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Sometimes it seems my life is a wood sailing ship, An old three-masted ship, like Columbus’ trip. An Atlantic journey across uncharted seas, Some days pleasant and calm enjoying ocean’s breeze.   But so many days seem like sailing in a mist. It’s hard to see the shore, a wrong turn did I miss? On…

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