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The Anchor


THE ANCHOR January 28, 2020   The old, wooden warship at the mercy of the waves, Heaving skyward, plunging seaward, in search of watery graves? The waves ripped off the rudder in the fierce Atlantic gale! And the hurricane-like wind just broke off the main sail!   The strong gulf current will surge us far…

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3 Biblical virtues for your child


Hey Parents! How was your prayer life last month for your children? Were you able to pray for them the virtues of Salvation, Growth in Grace, and Love? I hope it brought you peace in the moments you needed it most. Here are three more virtues this week. These are prayers not only for our…

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Marriage “Tune-Ups”


Lots of things in our lives require maintenance. My car needs an oil change, oil filter, tire rotation, new tires, new transmission fluid, new windshield wipers. We reset new goals for the new year. We revisit our budget. We upgrade our wi-fi network, we redecorate and remodel rooms in our homes. For some reason, we…

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A Thought on Parenting


I was listening to a Podcast with Pastor Mike Erre the other day and he was talking about parenting his teenage children. As a parent and spending the majority of my career working with teens, I took an active interest in what he had to say. He started by relating the way our heavenly father…

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Biblical Virtues to Pray for your Child


Calling all moms and dads! I think most of us would agree that, in raising children, there are some seasons where we feel at peace and hopeful and then other seasons where life may feel shaky and scary. At times those peaceful seasons may allow us to feel like we are doing a good job…

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“Come to Me”


Holiday season is here! And with that comes so much joy, anticipation, time with friends and family, and probably lots more emotions with the hustle and bustle. My daughter has been sick all week and with that came a slower pace of life, some restful and some not so much:) As I was reading books…

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