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Declutter your soul


A few years ago I watched a documentary called “Minimalism” which inspires people to declutter their homes. Every day we bring stuff into our homes but very rarely do we get rid of stuff, so our lives and homes become cluttered and that creates stress and disorder. So the concept of minimalism is to only…

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FATHER A joy-filled, but hard task, Be a dad? Sacrifice. Of you, much will be asked. Live for self? Won’t suffice!   Loving and living, Serving and sharing, Guiding and giving, Teaching and trying.   Give them a model, How you love your wife. No room to be idle. Face problems in your life.  …

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Happiness vs Joy


We all want to be happy.  In fact, if you ask the average person on the street, wanting to be happy and wanted our loved ones to be happy generally ranks pretty high on the list.  The problem is that the Bible doesn’t really promise us happiness.  There are tons of promises in God’s word,…

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THE REDEMPTION OF THE FEMININE HEART   (In honor of God and Mother’s Day)   A thing of rare beauty, inside a woman’s heart. A jewel that invites you, to rest and be a part. An invitation, warm, receives you to her side, Sweet enjoyment found there, like warmth of fireside.   Why does this…

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Battles Are Won Before They Are Fought


God’s Word and history unite to help us learn that battles are nearly always won before they are fought.  That is to say, preparation is vital to our chances of success, whether it is in our work, in sports, in our thought life, or our spiritual life.  Maybe you’ve had the dream where you supposed…

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A Prayer for Another


God has continued to use the book “Every Moment Holy” to encourage me and give me words to pray when I don’t always have the words to say. Reading liturgies is like a kickstart to my time with God- responding to Him with praise, remembrance, and requests. In a time that seems heavy and hard…

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