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One Soldier


THE SOLDIER   August 2, 2022   The soldier loved gambling, the rolling of the dice, Breaks up monotony, though a fool’s paradise. “A God-forsaken land, a thousand miles from home, At discharge will I have post-traumatic syndrome?”   Punishment here, severe, death for two lousy thieves, Was the third one sentenced for just what…

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Independence Day


July 4, 2022   Oh, Independence Day! Blessed Declaration! The law above a king, blessed separation! Unalienable rights, endowed by the Lord God. Truths that we will hold dear. The governed have the nod.   And for seven long years, a war of attrition. Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill, Concord and Lexington. Fort Ticonderoga, Trenton…

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Talking to our Father


It’s dangerously easy to approach prayer with the wrong mindset. We can easily assume it’s all about getting what we want or controlling our situations. It’s almost like God is a happiness vending machine or something. That’s backwards. In the first few months of His ministry, Jesus laid out a life-changing model for prayer. Matthew…

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VBS wrap up


We have just wrapped up one of the most FUN weeks of VBS! Spark Studios Vacation Bible School this year was all about learning that we are God’s masterpiece, created for a purpose! We had over 50 kids in attendance this week and I think it’s safe to say they all had a BLAST! We…

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There is something in me, a restless scampering. My eyes, on frantic search for my heart’s pampering? From person to person my heart is on the hunt, Desperate to gain that for some pain I may blunt?   Does it depend on me to find what brings me peace? I fear that if that’s true,…

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Practicing the virtues of Christ


We begin our journey with Jesus with salvation.  As wonderful and miraculous as that is, it is just the beginning.  What follows is an onward journey of sanctification – the process of spiritual formation, growth and maturity.  God does this work in us, confirming us to His character from the inside out.  However, it does…

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