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All around was darkness, the night in full array. But piercing through the night, Christmas lights on display,   Lights that shimmered and shined from far, far, far away. Driving through neighborhoods, Christmas lights on display.   Red lights in window panes, white lights hanging on eaves, Sparkled lights, Christmas trees, blinking lights on green…

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Good News!


This Christmas Season, Pacific Church is going to be putting together a musical show called “That’s the Good News!”  The show talks a lot about the struggles of an older gentleman who hosts a news radio show by the name “That’s the Good News!”  However, the host is going through a huge emotional struggle as…

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Thanks Giving


There are words in the english language that have been attached to things or that we say without actually thinking about the meaning of them. Things like, “I’m going to hit the hay,” “Glove box,” “Getting on his soap box,” “landline,” “Indian giver,” “master bedroom” or don’t even get me started on “wife beater tank…

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Kids Church Volunteers- Preschool


This month I wanted to highlight our preschool Kids Church volunteers. This team is amazing and they ALL love the preschool ages with their whole heart and love spending their Sunday mornings with them. During their time in Kids Church, preschoolers will enjoy free play, worship, a Bible story and crafts. They will get a…

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An Early Morning Walk


November 16, 2021   The early morning dawn, peeking over the hills, Brought with it cold, upon myself brisk chills.   I was not alone on this morning walk, Inside my heart? It wanted to talk.   Gnawing questions, disturbing pouts, Rising hopes and crummy doubts,   Relationships not mended, Some still offended.   Problems…

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Love Must Be Sincere


About 15 years ago, I was asked it I would take up a chaplain position for our local boy scout troop.  I wasn’t expecting the offer, but after thinking just a few minutes about it, and with my son being newly involved in the troop, I happily agreed.  What an opportunity to pour prayer, scripture,…

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