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Persevering Even through doubts. Unflagging hope, Even with pouts.   Finding His strength, In my weakness. Doing good, Despite my badness.   Planting His seeds, Watering blooms. Will I see flowers When love resumes?   A handful of seeds, A watering can, Dry, barren ground, Is where grace began.   Flowers in vases, Delightful fragrance.…

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Sanctity of Life


Seth did a wonderful job yesterday, explaining how beautiful life is and how precious every person is to our loving father. If you were moved this last weekend by the message and would like to do something to make a significant difference in the lives of women who chose life, you may want to consider…

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The Road Leads Home


These lyrics were written by D. B. Townes in 1933. THE ROAD LEADS HOME O pilgrim, as you journey, do you ever gladly say, In spite of heavy weather and the roughness of the way, That it really does not matter, all the strange and bitter stress, Heat and cold, and toil and sorrow will…

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New Year’s Resolutions


Much has been said and written about New Year’s Resolutions.  Some people laud them and suggest that if you don’t set any goals, you don’t have anything to shoot for in terms of personal growth.  Others believe that we all set far too lofty a set of goals, and that we don’t even have a…

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Advent 2021


Hope Jesus called himself the Light of the World, and at Advent, we light candles to remind ourselves of the light of hope he brought into a world filled with the darkness of sin. What is hope? Hope is looking forward to something wonderful. It’s expecting something good to happen. It’s light in the darkness.…

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Making the Holidays Meaningful + Advent Resources


A couple weeks ago, we started teaching the Christmas lessons to the kids at church. When doing the advent wreath, Kennedy and I talked about how cool it was that we get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday for a whole month! How cool would it be if WE could have a birthday month rather than a birthday…

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