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Sermon Notes Kids Edition


If your family is anything like mine, most the time, you manage to get your kids to sit and watch church with you on the TV for about 3 minutes before telling them to just go play in the other room. we wanted to give you something to hopefully help keep their attention a little…

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Resurrection Eggs


This Easter looked a lot different for most of us this year. We may not have gotten dressed up, gone to church, eaten a meal with extended family and friends, BUT the reason we celebrate Easter was still the same. For our online Easter service, I had the opportunity to share the “Resurrection Eggs” with…

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O, Risen Christ


This short prayer was written by Macrina Wiederkehr. I absolutely love this poem, especially with Good Friday and Easter approaching. –Pastor Seth O RISEN CHRIST “O, Risen Christ… When I search for you in the darkness Show me the light of your face. When my darkness is too heavy Send me the dawn. When I…

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Our new reality


The world we find ourselves in right now is one that was unimaginable just a few weeks ago.  The things we thought so secure, we now see are so fragile.  The life we thought we could control, we now see how much of an illusion that was. Even though this is scary, there is blessing…

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If my neighbor needs me…


Several of you may have heard this, but I heard it from my wife.  It really challenged me and encourage me! Martin Luther during a plague in 1527: “You ought to think this way:  Very well, by God’s decree the enemy has sent us poison and deadly offal.  Therefore I shall ask God mercifully to…

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Journal Your Experience for Historical Record


A nation-wide quarantine is quite rare, and most definitely will be written about in history books for years to come. This is a great time to write a record day by day of not only events on the news, but of personal opinions and perspectives. What a gift it will be to a later generation…

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