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Family Fun Night


Fall is on its way. The weather is starting to cool off a little. The sun is setting earlier, and it actually rained the other day! I read a book recently called, “52 Creative Family Time Experiences,” and I wanted to share some of the ideas the book shares to bring faith into your home.…

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THIRST-SLAKING Glass pitchers all around; they promise refreshing. One promises fullness, another, caressing. A second promises to fill my emptiness. And a third promises to salve my loneliness.   One looks like lemonade, ice cubes floating with glee. Is this the one that helps with my anxiety? This one looks like orange juice, surely it…

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I Am Who You Say I Am


If you haven’t heard it, it’s a pretty popular new song by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan.  Often, we love to sing songs in church that have a catchy hook, and a great melodic build.  The power and pulse of the music lifts us up in a way that is difficult to explain, and we…

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Moment of Worship


“I love you, Lord And I lift my voice To worship You Oh, my soul rejoice! Take joy my King In what You hear Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear” After having our first baby join our family one month ago, I have had some sweet moments with the Lord (although…

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Heart’s Delight


HEART’S DELIGHT Quietly sat, rapt attention, Connection’s joy, His expression! To see His face, and hear His heart, Such rich delight, never depart.   (Luke 10:38-42)   Seth

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When my old foolish ways, promised much, yet backfired, Into my misery, me, by grace, You acquired. Yet still, entitled me, can old ways be expired? Justice and grace conspired! A new heart is desired!   Seth

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