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Is God a Moral Monster: Are God’s Commands Capricious?

The story of Abraham being commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac, is a very puzzling story. What are we to make of it? We must first understand the context of Abraham life and God’s dealing with him. There are four important insights that will help us better understand this story.


Is God A Moral Monster: Is God Petty, Jealous, or Easily Provoked?

Many famous atheists picture God as somewhat of a mean-spirited jerk or a bully. That God is so immature, that He insists that we worship Him instead of other Gods or else He will pour out His wrath upon unsuspecting man to illustrate His pettyness. Is this the nature of God…no, not really.



THE SCULPTOR   This massive, weighty thing, a giant granite rock, Cut out of mountainside, it sits as one great block. Transported far away from ice and winter snow, Cold is left behind. Now, in sculptor’s studio.   Shattering hammer blows, the hard granite, pounded. Giant pieces flying, sharp slivers compounded, Rocks, pebbles pulverized, dust…


Dancing with my Daughter

As part of my daughter’s senior year in National Charity League, she participated with her senior class in a special ceremony called senior recognition where the girls are recognized for their service to the community with various charitable leagues and foundations. It’s really kind of a big deal. Picture a wedding, with 15 brides! :-0…


Sermon: Why Does God Ask Us To Praise Him?

Pastor Seth begins His series on some of the moral questions people ask about God. Is God a Moral Monster? Is he obsessed with Himself and his position over all other Gods? Is he insecure, in asking us to praise Him, or is there something deeper that God is trying to teach us about Himself…


Easter Sunday Message – The Resurrection

Most people have heard the story of the resurrection. Many skeptics deny the veracity of that story. Pastor Seth takes us through Mark chapter 16 and talks about some of strong evidence about the resurrection of Christ, and talk about the hope that we can have as a result.



Our mission is to connect and encourage women, that they may grow to maturity in Christ. Our ministry is based on Colossians 2:2-3 - “My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (NIV) Read more


We are here to equip High School students to authentic connect to God, connect with the Body of Christ in a meaningful way, and interact with the world in a loving and Christ-like manner. Weekly we join together with community, play games, experience worship, learn through conversations and teachings Pacific Church Student Ministries (PCSM) is a safe place to encounter God and find lifelong friends. We seek to meet students where ever they are with Christ and create an environment where it is OK to ask questions and wrestle with ideas in the context of community. We believe Jesus gave us community to help us through life, grow deeper in our faith, and discover our own spiritual and natural gifts and calling.  Read more


The community of our church provides us the opportunity to work together to teach our kids about living for God. We also put together a big VBS each summer near July 4 as an outreach to our city and an opportunity for members to serve God.


Welcome home.  Pacific Church of Irvine is a quaint community oriented church.  Our staff and members are supportive and compassionate.  At PCI you can meet new friends and form relationships with great people who are all passionate about better understanding the word of the Lord - and working to become closer to Him. So join us.  We'd love to have you.


Sunday - 9:30 am

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Our focus

  • Small group fellowships
  • Mentoring
  • Strong marriages and families
  • Outreach and evangelism


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