Our Staff:

Seth Gatchell:

Ministry: Senior Pastor (a.k.a. “Skittleman”)

What are you passionate about? (1) Helping people connect with God in a way that directs their life (2) Seeing people’s lives change (and my own) (3) Our lives really can make a difference that we will enjoy in this life and through eternity (4) God has wisdom and power to help us deal with our struggles.

Favorite place to talk to God: My back patio

Born: Naval Hospital, Newport, Rhode Island on June 4, 1952

Seminary: Master of Divinity, 1977, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Family: Married to Mindy for 40 years. We have three kids in their thirties: Brittany, Cole, and Christi.

Hobbies / Interests: Sprint triathlons; American history (especially the Civil War); coaching girls’ soccer/boy’s baseball; acoustic guitar; fantasy sports.

First job: “Soda jerk” (ran a small kitchen at the drug store). I was the “chief cook” (scary thought) from 3:30-6:00pm, as well as cashier, waiter, bus boy, dishwasher, etc. All for 35 cents/hour.

Favorite author or movie: Authors: Larry Crabb, Tom Clancy, John Grisham. Movies: Shadowlands, Braveheart, Gettysburg, Chronicles of Narnia, and most of the Grisham movies.

Favorite music artists/bands: Modern praise music, Doyle Dykes (solo guitar)

LanceLance Brown:

Ministry: Executive Pastor / Administrative Pastor / Worship Pastor…take your pick.

What are you passionate about? I love to see people grow spiritually, and love to meet new people!!

Favorite place to talk to God: Hmm…I suppose that would have to be Yosemite National Park. I could just sit under those trees and stare at the beautiful creation of God all day long.  A close second is now diving anywhere I can see beautifully colored tropical fish!  I feel close to God anywhere I can see the beauty of creation.

Born: Bend, Oregon on July 31, 1968.

Seminary: Master of Divinity, 2009, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Family: Married my best friend Carol in 1993.   Our son Nathan is 24 and  working as a Civil Engineer down in San Diego, and our daughter Megan is 21, and is off at Colorado Christian University, majoring in outdoor leadership.

Hobbies / Interests: I like outdoorsy stuff; water skiing, SCUBA diving (particularly for lobster), biking, and camping in general.  I also love going to the movies.

First job: I had a newspaper route in Oregon with some massive hills when I was 10-11.

Favorite author or movie: I think overall I like almost any Michael Crichton Book I’ve ever read, and I’m pretty fond of Tolkien as well, but my all time favorite author would have to be C. S. Lewis. In the movie genre, I like The Bodyguard and The Count of Monte Cristo. If you’re including musicals, add on Les Miserables, Wicked, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Favorite music artists/bands: I’m a long time Third Day fan, but I’ve been listening to (and singing) a lot of Hillsong, Elevation worship, and Phil Wickham stuff these days. Other current favorites include Tommy Walker, Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me, Rascal Flatts (shhh…don’t tell anyone), Josh Groben, and Whitney Houston. Back in the day, add: Journey, Chicago, Genesis, and a hodgepodge of heavy metal bands. :) Yes, really.

Mark Jackson

Ministry: Family Pastor

What are you passionate about?
 I think students at Pacific Church are amazing and I want to see them succeed! This world is working really hard to slow them down and trip them up. My goal is to help the parents at Pacific as they teach their students how much God loves them, and how important what they believe truly is.

What is your favorite place to talk to God? I have some of my best conversations with God when I am driving alone in my car. I had an old jeep with a broken radio for a while and it forced me to spend more time listening to God than to the new young boy band sweeping the nation.

Born: : Laguna Beach, CA October 2nd 1983

Seminary:   Master of Divinity 2017 Trinity University

Describe your family: I have an amazing wife and partner. I think pastors can give up a lot in pursuit of their calling, but God tends to bless them with amazing wives. I am no exception, she is the love of my life. We also have the distinct privileged of being blessed with three amazing children. Charlotte Luke and Owen. Our life is semi-controlled chaos, but we love each other and we love Jesus.

Hobbies/ Interests: I scuba, rock climb, surf and bowl. But my two favorite past times are reading and working with wood. I have been doing carpentry with my dad since I was little. There is something about being able to see what was accomplished at the end of the day, that you don’t really get anywhere else.

First job: Cleaning out horse stalls

Favorite author or movie: Author – Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time) / Movie – Singing in the Rain

Favorite music artists / bands: The Decemberists

Sarah Cristiano

Ministry: Family Ministry Coordinator

What are you passionate about? What I love about my job is seeing the kids’ relationship grow with God each week! Hearing them pray is the sweetest thing. I also love working with the volunteers and see their passion for the kids in our church come to life as they teach and love on the kiddos.

Favorite place to talk to God: Anywhere with my Bible and a good cup of coffee :)

Born: Columbia, South Carolina

Family: Married to my BFF Adam and we have  littles- Rosa Claire and Anthony.

Hobbies / Interests: Trying new things is one of my hobbies… so if you ask me to do something you love, I will probably jump at the chance to try it! Running, cooking, shopping, crafting, spending time with friends, trying to keep my plants alive, organizing, any activities with our kiddos… the list goes on :)

First Job: Neighborhood pool ID checker… yes, the perfect summer job!

Favorite author/movies: Just finished The Next Right Thing by Emily P Freeman and onto The Lazy Genius by Kendra Adachi.

Favorite music artists/bands: Johnnyswim, Wilder Woods, Lauren Daigle, Norah Jones and PCI Worship band!


BartBart G. Broadnax

Ministry: Music Director

Why are you passionate about this ministry? I feel God has blessed me with the love of music, and He has directed me to spread His word through my musical passion! It’s my privilege to share His word through my music, and to see people open up to receive His grace and blessing as a result of listening.

Favorite place to talk to God: Beside my bed, after waking up, thanking Him for this day and asking Him to guide me through

Born: Portsmouth, VA on April 18

Family: Single.  Widowed.

Hobbies / Interests: Sports, cars, motorcycles (particularly Harley-Davidson), concerts

First job: Bagboy/stocker, Colonial Grocery Stores

Favorite author or movie: Author: Donald Miller (for now); Movie: Casablanca

Favorite music artists/bands: It depends on the genre. My taste is so “all over the map,” I can’t choose just one band. I like DC talk, Level 42, Rush, Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter (jazz bassist), Stephen Curtis Chapman, Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin, Twila Paris, Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Foo Fighters, Tower of Power (shall I go on?)