Move at the speed of love


Our culture tells us that we need to “hurry up” and get things done.  Hurry up and work or hurry up and pray.  But this works against nearly every form of relationship we have in life.  In fact, to live life “to the full” we need to slow down and take time to “BE” in…

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The Sign of the Virgin


As Christmas approaches we’ll look at an amazing prophecy of the coming Messiah, the seeing of the vision and the fulfillment of the vision and prophecy connected by over seven hundred years!  The prophecy identifies the Messiah to come by the miracle of a virgin birth!

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The Prince the Brings Everlasting Peace


The message of Christmas is one of hope. Whatever darkness you are experiencing, God promises light when we turn to Him. We will look at Isaiah’s amazing prophecy where God promises to dispel our human darkness in us and the human darkness around us with the light of His Messiah, and what He will bring about.

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Five Names of Messiah


Isaiah told us that the Messiah would come as a child born, and a Son given. But then to remove any doubt as to Messiah’s identity or His nature, Isaiah describes five stunning attributes or titles that depict the Messiah as divine!  Wonderful (or Wondrous), Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

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The Light of Christmas


As Christians, we have been called out of our former darkness and into His marvelous light. But it’s easy to forget that as the darkness of the world, and the darkness that still resides in our heart casts a pall of confusion, discouragement and broken relationships over us. This week we’ll let Isaiah remind us of Who…

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Employer Responsibilities


What duties does an employer owe to their employees? We have a unique responsibility to those under us to bless them, as much as we can.  If you have easy employees, it’s not too hard to care for them like children.  But, if you’re a leader, manager, supervisor or owner and you have difficult employees,…

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