How Life Feels: Contempt


Why do we berate ourselves with self-loathing or contempt? Despite what some say, it’s NOT because we have a poor self-image or a painful past.  It is something deeper.  This week we are going to explore this issue and some other hard questions like: Why are we so stung by contempt from others? Why do…

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How Life Feels: Shame – Pt. 2


Last week we looked at how shame works. Then we began to see how God acts in dealing with our shame.  This week we’ll take a look at our only two options in dealing with shame. Most importantly how worldly shame leads us into an unhelpful spiral of anger and rage, but how Godly shame…

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How Life Feels: Shame – Pt. 1


Shame is a monster. It beats us over the head with embarrassment, contempt, and ridicule. We try to be more positive, try harder, do better, and become a better person, but month after month, year after year, shame holds its sword over our head, ready to strike over any misstep or misdeed. Why drives shame? What…

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How Life Feels: Despair/Hopelessness


Despair is a downward cycle made up of 4 parts: I know what I need, but I can’t get it, God won’t give it, and it may never come.  How does God meet us in our despair? How does He help us reverse this deadly spiral? Psalm 77

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Father’s Day: Build & Cost


This week we’ll look at what it means to be a disciple, with an emphasis on how this relates to being a father. Luke 14:26-34 gives us incredible insight into WHAT being a disciple of Jesus means, and WHY being a disciple of Jesus significantly matters!!!  If you are looking for a short look at a…

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How Life Feels: Envy


Envy’s greatest work is to produce discouragement, but we rarely see the connection. The secret to understanding envy is to see what envy exposes in us. The very thing/person/condition/station we are so envious of IS an IDOL of our own making! Our heart places that person/thing/condition in the place of God. “If only I had THAT,…

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