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Living and Honest and Open Life


Every day we are tempted “put our best foot forward,” present our “best side,” pretend that we’re doing better than we are and sometimes to live in pretense. Do you know what these things produce? The pressure to “keep up appearances,” to “have it all together.” No wonder we live with so much stress! Much…

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Put the Success of Others Above Your Own


The bible amazes us with its wisdom. This week we will look at three things that torpedo our relationships.  Then we will look at the example that should dazzle us into being alert to the three relational enemies and how to put them into practice.

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Grace Frees Us to Love


We claim to be “loving” people, but often what that really means is that we “love” people who already “love” us. That kind of “love” is not love at all. It is “need.” All the while we consider ourselves “good people.”  This week, we’ll look at a snapshot of a man, and you may find…

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Grace’s Training School


Grace is instrumental in setting direction and teaching us how to build our lives on a firm foundation. The foundations help us to fix our eyes on Christ’s path, not to stray off that good path, and even, when needed, how to get back on the path when we have strayed.

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Grace Inherent in Romans


This week we’ll dive into one of the greatest biblical promises made to Christians. Romans 8:28 promises that God will work things together for “good.” What does this mean? What is OUR good? It should be surprising that God may define “good” a little differently than we do.

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Grace in the Christian Life


Grace doesn’t end with salvation. Grace is to go right on into your daily life, especially when life gets hard.  Grace shows up in 5 paradoxical ways!  Sometimes we have to fail or struggle or even fall a little bit before we can really understand God’s grace.

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