Grace and Truth: The Problem of Evil and Suffering


Many skeptics disregard Christianity based on the existence of evil and suffering in the world. Consider the argument offered by Epicurus: He suggests that, if God is willing to defeat evil but not able, then he is not omnipotent.  Further, if God is able to defeat evil, but is not willing, then he is not good. …

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Grace and Truth: The Judgement of God


Sometimes skeptics to Christianity turn away from the faith because they cannot reconcile a loving God and God’s judgment.  I can be difficult to reconcile a “God who IS love, with the concept of a real Haven and a real Hell. But we have more clear information in God’s word about how to approach these issues.

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Father’s Day 2023


Our world has conflicting views about Fatherhood.  In our society, because of this, we often tend to attempt to remake God in our image instead of just letting God be God. We are looking at this in light of the second commandment and what it means to make idols in our lives.

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Grace and Truth: The Goodness of God


Do we really need God’s law? While human nature usually resists anyone telling us what to do, we still need direction, wisdom, guidance, and law! Without these things we become like sheep leaving the herd to venture out on our own into a far more difficult and dangerous world than we imagine.

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Grace and Truth: Breaking the Power of the Lie


We try all kinds of human methods to change our ways and find satisfaction, but the power to break our habits and self-centeredness needs more power than human power. It takes divine power, most clearly demonstrated in the Word of Christ and the cross of Christ to break the hardness of our hearts, soften them, and…

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Grace and Truth: The Essence of the Lie


Very few things are as “natural” to human nature than feeling entitled. We feel entitled to better treatment, better opportunities, the benefit of the doubt, having someone hear us out, someone understanding our plights, entitled to more encouragement, more attention, better listening, opportunities to speak our mind–the list is endless. Yet, it is this spirit of entitlement…

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