LOST, Part 4: The Downward Spiral of Foolishness


This week we look at the downward spiral of foolishness and folly. Modern man loves to claim he is wise, but the wisdom he is thinking about is worldly wisdom. The wisdom we need is God’s wisdom. When we turn away from God’s wisdom to pursue our own “wisdom” we have set ourselves on the downward…

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LOST, Part 3: The Downward Spiral of Indulgence


Last week we looked at willful ignorance as we ignore all the wonder and beauty around us that necessitates a creator and instead assume we know better. This week we are looking at what happens when God allows us to try and fill the God sized whole in our hearts with our own indulgences and…

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LOST, Part 2: The Downward Spiral of Man


We continue to week 2 of our new series: “Lost.”  While claiming to being “open-minded” we actually are quite closed-minded, only hearing what we want to hear, only believing what we want to believe. Instead of being driven by rationality, we are driven by our passions and desires–for either lesser things, or wrong things. This has…

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LOST, Part1: Man’s Dire Predicament


If you continue to be surprised at your pattern of sin, in spite of “knowing better,” you should dive into the devotionals for this week. We will never truly understand who we are and why we do what we do until we take a realistic view of our dark side.

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Minor Prophets: Zephaniah


We return to studying the minor prophets with Zephaniah. Journey with us as we learn about one of the least talked about prophets in the old testament. We are going to look at his message of destruction and the evil of sin but rejoice as he paints a picture of a father who loves us…

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Redemptive Relating: UP


Redemptive relating happens in the direction of “UP” when we take a renewed look upward to see what God is forming in me and the people with whom I am having conversations. When we realize what God is building in us, that someone else can see and sense, while we may not see it at all. Or,…

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