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Can You Have Morality Without a Law-giving God?


Is it possible to have morality without a moral law giver? Pastor Seth takes a look at what it where morality comes from, and explores what God’s word says and what people say about the idea of absolute moral truths.

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The World in Which Every Man Lives


The Five Enemy Thoughts every man hears at some point in his life. “It’s to hard.” “It’s not fair.” “It’s not what I want.” “I’m too tired.” “I’m the only one.” How do we fight these ideas when they creep up on us?

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Does Religion Cause Violence?


Some atheists claim that religion is violent by it very nature. In the book Terror in the Mind of God, Mark Juergensmeyer makes this very claim. He uses the imagery of cosmic war to claim that even religions whose end is peaceful can only get there by cosmic war. But is that true?

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Did God Command Ethnic Cleansing?


God intended for the Jews to live in the land he promised them.  The problem is:  this land was already occupied by other people.  In telling the Jews to “take” the land, did God command genocide or ethnic cleansing?  This is a difficult and often misunderstood part of the Old Testament history.  How can a…

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Did God Approve Slavery?


Critics of the Old Testament point to, what they think, is God’s endorsement of slavery. Others claim that the laws allowed people to trade slaves as if they were farm animals, and to treat them in the most despicable ways.  This takes both the writing and the intent startlingly out of context.  An honest assessment…

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Mother’s Day Message


Even though children are a gift from God, we don’t really OWN them in a conventional sense. God has given us the privilege to shape them, love them, prepare them, and then our job is to release them into the world, for His purposes. When we recognize that our goals for our kids should be…

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