It’s Christmas time again! The season of giving (and getting), is upon us. We can have a great time being with Family and celebrating together, but if all we focus on is the shadow and we miss the form, then the time is wasted. Jesus is the form that casts all shadows, He is the…

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The Wonder of Christmas: Love


It’s easy and “normal” to assume we’re a “loving person.” As long as love is defined by our feelings, and driven by how some people already love us, then “love” is easy.  It takes no divine power or divine example to do that. “Anyone” can “love’ like that. But we are called to a much higher…

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The Wonder of Christmas: Joy


A pastor once told me, in all honesty, that he didn’t know what joy was. When we think of joy as “euphoric” joy, which is how the world defines joy, then we will be very confused about why our “joy” is so elusive.  The bible says that the kind of joy God is building in…

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The Wonder of Christmas: Hope


During Advent season, as we anticipate the birth of our savior, we live as people of hope. This life is not all there is. There is coming a day when every pain and suffering will be redeemed, when the sadness of this world will turn to joy forever, when evil will be finally and completely judged…

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The Wonder of Christmas: His Birth Into Our Messy Lives


The world is a messy place! Sometimes, around this time of year, we idealize what Jesus’ birth might have been like…but the truth is, it was probably pretty messy. This week we are diving into the messy world that Jesus chose to be born into and what that means for us this season.

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Parenting 101: Teaching Kids Respect


It is crucial that we teach our kids how to be respectful, how to manage not just their actions, but their attitudes. This week we will look at 7 principles that can guide parents in this important endeavor.

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