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Shattered Dreams


Pursuing the world’s definition of joy is like riding on the interstate highway. We just naturally assume that’s the fastest and surest way to where we are going, that is, until we hit a sig alert or an ice storm that has caused the crashes of hundreds of cars. God defines “joy” differently than you and…

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Sin, Judgement, Mercy, Hope


As we finish our study of King David, we will see the sin of the people and of David; we will see how Satan reacts, and how God deals with the whole mess, both in judgment and in mercy.

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David’s Testimony of God


David’s life was hard. He faced challenge after challenge. Some of them were of his own making, and some of them were the results of human evil against him.  Yet God made Himself known to David in such a way that David not only found deliverance through every trial but also found the deepest joys…

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Trusting in the Tempest


When it rains it pours, right? Have you had the experience of life’s circumstances being terrible, and then find yourself hounded by belligerent people and/or betrayed by those closest to you? That’s where David is–holding an “umbrella” when all hell has broken loose.  But through the storm, we know that we can still trust God,…

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Forgiveness and Consequences


What happened after David and Bathsheba’s sins? How does forgiveness occur? What other spiritual blessings can be discovered through repentance?  God loves us so much, that he allows the consequences of our sin to play out.  It’s hard for us to see that as love, until we can look at the situation from God’s perspective.

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The Heights and the Depths


The life of David is somewhat of a metaphor for our lives. Sometimes you are dazzled at what God can do in our lives. Other times, you shake your head at the terrible decisions you’ve made. This week we’ll look at both a high and a low of David. The mercy he showed Mephibosheth, and the terrible…

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