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Finding Joy in Discouraging Times


What does growing as a Christian look like?  It can be discouraging to feel like everything we pour into ourselves to try to find satisfaction just seems to leak right own.  Is it possible that God’s work in us causes us to find fulfillment and joy in a very different way that the things of…

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Finding Joy in Empty Times


If there’s anything we hate, it’s emptiness. We so long to be fulfilled, to be satisfied. In Philippians 2, Paul tells us Jesus “emptied Himself!” As He walked through the door of emptying Himself, He walked the real and true road to what He called “life, indeed,” or “the abundant life.”

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Finding Joy In Suffering


It is said that God never wastes our pain.  I believe this is true.  However, that is not a promise of pain-free living.  Paul understood that God’s eternal purposes were more important that his temporary pain.  Christ endured unimaginable pain for us.  Our goal, then, should be to walk in a manner worthy of the…

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Finding Purpose in Hard Times


Finding joy in difficult situations: that is the message of Philippians. This week we’ll see how Paul’s perspective, purpose, and priorities, along with God’s power and his desire to please God brought joy to Paul in spite of prison and difficult circumstances with some who claimed to be Christians.

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Philippians: Finding Joy in Hard Times


Paul wrote Philippians from prison. He was alone, under guard, and awaiting his likely execution, yet the theme of this magnificent letter is joy; a learned contentment that no circumstance can silence from his heart. We begin with 8 fabulous truths that can anchor your identity in the midst of overwhelming difficulty!

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The Love of God


We all know “God loves us,” but that truth does not seem to grip us all that much. Why is that? In reality, we have many other “loves” that we are chasing, some good, some bad. What does God do to get this turned around? How can we expect Him to act? Let’s turn to two prophets:…

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