ISOLATION, Part 7: Love Displayed


One of the hardest things in life is relating to difficult people, or worse–people that hate you, or consider themselves an enemy. The bible gives us magnificent truth and light in such trials. First, how should we view these kinds of situations? And second, what can I do in these relationships?

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ISOLATION, Part 6: Love Defined


Our culture has many different definitions of the word “love.”  Some of them are as thin as a piece of paper and last about as long as the morning mist. The Bible defines love in very practical, relational terms. How do we learn to love like Jesus? In His laboratory…we call it a church community.

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ISOLATION, Part 5: Trinitarian Community


The riches of Christ, once “hidden” in the recesses of our hearts, unobserved due to desires for other things, can become real, not just in our heads but in our hearts.  Trinitarian community, alive in the redeemed heart gives us the power and awareness to come alive as people. Once we were “dead” to the things…

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ISOLATION, Part 4: A Spiritual Missional Community


We were made for community. We were made for a particular kind of community. This week we’ll look at being a missional community. What did Jesus have in mind when He called us to follow Him? And why is being a part of a missional community important?

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The Invisible Mother


Being a mother can seem like a thankless job. What you do can seem or feel so insignificant. Mothering seems to have so little immediate payoff.  These are just three of the challenges every mother faces. We’ll look at a few more challenges this week, and how Jesus sees these challenges in a very upside-down…

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ISOLATION, Part 3: Grace-grounded Community


We need a grace-based community. We need a community that understands that we will all fail ourselves, others, and the Lord, but that none of those failures identify us or define us.  Grace is the “magic tonic” that allows sinners like us to keep getting up, not with heads hung down in shame, but in…

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