The Larger Story – The Lesson of the Secret Agent


The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood and minimized in our thinking. In some ways the Holy Spirit operates like a secret agent–behind the scenes, undercover, shining no light on Himself, and yet is vital to us. When life gets very difficult and painful, the roles that the Holy Spirit plays and can play in our life…

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The Larger Story – The Lesson of the Gardner


John 15 is a metaphor for life. It includes God as the Gardener, Jesus as the vine (think rose bush), and His people as the branches. Our joy and what we need for life comes from the life-sustaining sustenance of walking with Jesus–what He calls abiding in Him.  But the question is, how does God…

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Mother’s Day – Feminine Beauty


What does a woman uniquely bring to a marriage, her children, her work, and her world? It is the possibility of bringing inner beauty wherever she goes?  What is inner beauty, and how is it displayed? More importantly, what effect does inner beauty have on a husband, children, friends, and people at work and church?

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The Larger Story – The Lesson of Peace


This week we are reading John 14 which has one of the more famous verses in the Bible.  John 14:6 talks about Jesus being, “The way, and the truth and the life.” What does that mean? Let’s explore some of the principles behind that profound statement together.

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The Larger Story – The Lesson of the Basin and Towel


John 13 is thought of as the beginning of the last message to His disciples. Imagine what you would want to say to your loved ones if you knew you would die within one week!  In walking the Larger Story something other than our immediate gratification or feeling better now needs to direct us and…

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The Larger Story – The Lesson of the Seed


The evidence for the historicity and deity of Jesus is massive, yet the responses of people vary. Some see the evidence and jump on the train.  Others see the evidence but are just “fair-weather fans.” Some see the evidence and become seekers of truth, and still others see the evidence and are determined to never…

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