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God Talks to Us


As great as it is when people in the Old Testament hear an audible voice from God telling them what to do, that is not always the way God communicates now. In Three Different Chapters, we have three different stories of ways God communicates with David, with the purpose of helping David center His life…

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David’s Faith Waivers


Although David was anointed king, we find David as a fugitive from King Saul, running for his life. This week we will see David was presented with some very difficult tests and choices. The “opportunity” for resentment and bitterness sneaks up on David. He will face incredible disappointment.

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David and Jonathan


Although David has become a national hero and saved King Saul and his kingship, “life” goes in the tank for David.  Popularity may look very appealing, but it can often come at a horrific cost. David would have to flee for his life and become a fugitive.  How would he respond to all the calamity…

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David and Goliath


Goliath, a mountain of a giant, and the Philistine army confront Israel’s army. King Saul and the Israelite army are paralyzed with fear. “Out of nowhere” a young David appears on the scene. David sees what nobody else sees. He volunteers to take on Goliath in a winner-take-all battle for the fate of the nation.

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Young King David


This week we begin a study of the life of David. As we begin, we start with the nation of Israel in a colossal mess, and David as a mere shepherd boy.  He is the youngest son of Jesse.   How will this young man become a great king?  Along the way, we’ll see some…

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Dream Big, think small: The Power of Story


Sharing your testimony is much simpler than we imagine. Instead of thinking about your testimony as a whole, think of it as many little parts.  Sharing your testimony RARELY involves sharing your WHOLE testimony. Think of it as sharing “spiritual potato chips” one at a time, that give people glimpses into your relationship with Christ.

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