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The God Who Keeps His Promises


Think the genealogy of Jesus is boring? The Matthew account contains a number of incredible surprises and important women (during a very patriarchal time) that is tremendous encouragement to everyone who struggles to believe that God can use their lives.

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Emmanuel: God With Us


What is Emmanuel? Why does the Angel tell Joseph to give his son the name Jesus, but that people in the future will call him Emmanuel? Pastor Mark takes us through some key verses as we being to grasp what Emmanuel and its literal translation “God with us” actually means to us today!

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A Light Has Come


Both Isaiah and John describe Jesus as the light, who comes into a dark world. Darkness has three important usages. It is descriptive of (1) the fallen world (2) our human nature that cannot and will not see the truth of God, life, and human nature, and (3) the willful refusal to turn to the…

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Finding Joy in Lean Times


Paul teaches us in Philippians that we can learn contentment! BUT, how does that happen?  God promises to give us strength. But to do what?  God promises to meet our needs, but sometimes we don’t feel that our needs are being met. The key is to understand the difference between our needs and our desires!

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Finding Joy When Anxious or Worried


Worry and anxiety seem to be a pretty common problem for people. Wouldn’t it be great if we, as Christians, could deal with every day worries and anxiety? The apostle Paul seems to think that we can! Let’s follow along as we explore how we can find joy, even when we are worried or anxious.

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Pressing On


In Philippians 4, Paul tells us to “Stand Firm.” Which is a great sentiment, but what does it mean? What does it mean to stand firm in my daily life? At work? At home with my family? Join Pastor Mark as he explores the first way Paul tells us to stand firm in our daily…

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