Community: The Stumbling Dance With the Lost


We’ve looked at how we’re included in the wondrous dance of the Trinity. It is the place where everything we long for most happens. We long to be loved, accepted, to know we matter, to be included, and a host of other deep longings. You will find these needs nowhere else for very long. Church…

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Community: The Stumbling Dance of the Church


God’s people are to related in three communities. 1. We enjoy the incredible love of the Holy Trinity and participate in it!  2. We build the Church Community, the body of Christ, as we serve and love.  3. We enter the Lost Community, to be God’s agents of redemption.  Your purpose of life is found in…

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Community: The Dance of the Trinity


As Christians, we are to live IN three communities. The “community” of the Trinity–God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God includes us in the life of that community! We live in community together as God’s people. We live in the community of lost people. We are to be salt and light. …

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Advent: 24


This coming Sunday the 26th we are going to be looking at a day in the life of Jesus as we dig into the last section of the book of Mark in a sermon called 24 (Cue Jack Bauer and the beeping countdown clock). But, leading up to a typical day for Jesus, was a…

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Christmas Show: “That’s the Good News!”


Through our Christmas Show this year, we think about loss, and living in a fallen world at Christmas time, when our hearts long for the abundant life and “Peace on Earth.”  It is only when we are finding that life in our relationship with God AND then giving it away to someone else in conversations…

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The Upside-Down Kingdom: The Upside-Down Peace


We assume peace comes from everything going “smoothly,” or when we get our way. We may experience a few moments of peace, but life continues to throw challenges at us. In the upside-down kingdom, God uses all of those “opportunities” to slowly train us how to be at peace regardless of our situations, no matter…

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