Building a Relational Toolbox: Creating Good Will, Favor, and Trust.


Growing relationships are built using our three “tools” for the week: 1) Creating good will, and 2) Creating and giving favor, and 3) Building trust.  Each are important in relating to those we love and just as important in relationships with people who are harder to love.  We’ll explore each of the three tools and…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Building and Intentionality


Our relational tool this week is blueprints. When contractors are building massive buildings, they must stick to the blue prints. To not do so could be fatal. On the other hand, if you are trying to build a simple birdhouse for your back patio, you can “wing it” without blueprints. If you’re trying to build…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Relational Effects & Impacts


Two of the reasons relationships are more difficult than it would seem they should be have to do with our relational effects and impacts.  How we relate to someone has immediate effects. And how we relate to someone has relational impact over a long period of time.  When we are blind to these two “tools” we…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: His vs. Mine


How does God use money in our lives? We think of money in terms of assets to spend. God thinks of it as a tool to shape. With it, He shapes our purpose, meaning, character, behavior, relationships, and our values. God does not need our money because He is poor, but He does want to…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Adding Value, Creating Meaning


Relationships don’t grow without investing in them. You can add life into your relationships with two skills we’ll look at this week. The first is to “add value” to someone, which we can do when we listen to people, care about them, and give them words of life. The second is “creating meaning” with someone.…

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Building a Relational Toolbox: Conflict Resolution


As we continue our series and develop our relational tool box, we come to a tricky subject. What do you do when you are in a conflict? If we are honest, most of us don’t react well do instigating a difficult conversation, nor do we respond well when we feel called out on something we…

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