Witnessing Made Easier: Asking Questions


Before people are ready to hear the gospel, a trust relationship must be established. It is established through asking questions, taking an interest in people, listening, and caring. As we ask questions of people, most people will reciprocate those questions. This helps us move conversations toward spiritual things.

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Witnessing Made Easier: Prayer


Witnessing is simply sharing the gospel story with someone, while leaving the results up to God. To what extent we think it’s up to us to convert people is the amount of pressure we inadvertently add to ourselves. Only God can change the human heart. Only God can convert people. But, He uses our prayer, serving, and…

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Witnessing Made Easier: Who Is My Neighbor?


A man asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus told the man the parable of the Good Samaritan. At the end of the story the man answered his own question. My neighbor is any person, with any need that I can address or meet in some way. God puts people all around you who need…

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God gives us shepherd because we are like sheep without a shepherd. What qualifies someone to be a shepherd? Character? Relationships? Their personal life? Responsibilities? Shepherding is a privilege in God’s kingdom. It is the way we help move God’s people and God’s kingdom forward.

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Father’s Day: The Lord’s Prayer


The only time in the gospels where the disciples asked Jesus how to do a specific task was when they asked him how to pray. This Father’s Day let’s look at how to talk to our Heavenly Father as we dissect what Jesus was talking about when he shared The Lord’s Prayer.

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ISOLATION, Part 8: Hope-Centered Community


We need community. We were designed to live in community. We find meaning in community. We can become more like Jesus when we’re in community. It often seems as if the forces of darkness are winning. Our culture has been in decay for about sixty years. Our institutions are cracking and rotting from the inside…

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