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The Sacredness of Work


People seem to approach their work from one of three paradigms.  “I’m passionate about what I do. Either it clearly serves a good purpose and/or I get to utilize my passions and skill.” -OR- “I’m glad I have a paycheck. It provides for my family.” -OR- “I can’t wait til Friday.” This week we’ll look…

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Give And Receive Spiritual Correction


Every day we get to choose whether we are going to follow the road to ‘wisdom’, or whether we will follow the road to ‘folly’. This week we are talking about Giving and Receiving Spiritual Correction and the why behind it. It really comes down to humility, teach-ability and a desire to become wise.

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Invest Your Treasure


Giving to God’s work is one of the great opportunities and paradoxes of life. We can’t out give God. In fact, the return on what we give will last for all eternity! More importantly, we have an opportunity to leave a legacy in the lives of real people, for all eternity!  This Heart Attitude is one of…

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Follow Spiritual Leadership


Submitting to God-given authority runs extremely counter-culture in our Western world. The pendulum has swung to an extreme of individualism. The effect is to make workplace environments, teamwork, ministry projects, etc. more difficult because “everyone” has their opinions about how things “ought” to be done.  How does God see all of this? What is our…

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Invest Your Time and Talent


Every week two things opposing forces collide inside us.  First, we want our lives to make a difference. Second, we want to have time for ourselves and our comfort.  We don’t always say it, but often we think, “I’ll serve as long as it is convenient.”  What would help us move toward our first inclination?…

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Clear Relationships


Relationships get messy. Conflict is inevitable. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings are inevitable. The trick is NOT how to avoid them. The trick is how to think about them and work through them. But it’s not easy. It’s humbling. This week we’ll look at how to reconcile difficult relationships.

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