Purpose Driven Life: Shaped for Serving God


We make a difference in the lives of people by serving. In God’s kingdom, the difference we make in the lives of people lasts through eternity. Once again, the Purpose Driven Life is a paradox. We become people of real purpose by losing ourselves for the gospel and for others.

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Purpose Driven Life: Created to Become Like Christ


God goes to great pains to shape His children to be more like Christ. Becoming more like Christ, living like Him, and relating like Him defines spiritual maturity. You will have a hard time understanding what God is doing in your life unless you take into account what a high priority this is to God. God…

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Purpose Driven Life: Formed For God’s Family


The central purpose of life revolves around learning to love God and love others. People may know romantic love and sexual love, but God is intent on transforming His children into people who love sacrificially, who are more intent on loving than being loved. This kind of love builds over the long haul. It is intentional, tenacious,…

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Purpose Drive Life: Planned for God’s Pleasure


The first God-given purpose is worship. We normally think of a worship service–singing, prayer, a sermon, giving, fellowship, but worship is far more than that.  Everyone worships someone or something. But when we worship any worldly thing more than God, we will do ourselves inevitable harm and heartache.

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Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?


This week we are going to spend some time looking at the three greatest questions of life:  The first question is, “why am I alive?” It is the question of existence.  The second question is, “does my life matter?” The question of significance.  The third question is, “what is my purpose?”   The question of…

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40 Days of Purpose: Intro


Next week, Pacific Church will being Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Purpose campaign.  This study will help you prepare you to begin to identify more clearly your God-given purpose for you life. It is my hope that by the middle of February, you will be locked in on God’s purpose for your life.

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