Grace and Truth: Sexuality – pt. 5


We will now contrast all we’ve looked at with secular sexuality with biblical sexuality by looking at three huge building blocks of marriage that are to be built during dating and engagement:  Holiness – THE ingredient that develops self-control, loving sacrifice, and trust needed in marriage.  Honor — THE ingredient of developing genuine oneness in…

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Grace and Truth: Sexuality – pt.4


Our society is very confused about gender ideology.  It’s no wonder when a supreme court justice nominee cannot or will not define the word “woman”.  One of the thorniest issues the church faces today involves our understanding of people who struggle with gender identity. We are going to be dissecting gender ideology, look at the…

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Grace and Truth: Sexuality – pt. 3


We’re going to do three critiques and ask some honest questions of those who promulgate the new secular sexual ethic. While it is easy to jump to where we think we know the answers on these issues, these thoughts are meant to be pondered, with humility and honesty.

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Grace and Truth: Sexuality – pt.2


It takes some effort to look at how our society got to a place where we are so sharply divided on the issue of sexuality, particularly the LGBTQI+ issue. While we all think the great divide is over sexuality, it is actually driven by something far deeper. THAT is what we’ll look at today.

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Grace and Truth: Sexuality – pt. 1


For decades, our culture has been obsessed with sexuality and pushing societal limits in this area.  The idea is that anything we want to do that doesn’t “hurt anyone” should be permissible. This week we’ll begin our look at sexuality. What does the Bible say? Is there any benefit to listening to and obeying God’s…

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Grace and Truth: The Problem of Evil and Suffering – pt.2


When we go through times of evil and suffering, there is a way to navigate through seasons of trials. We’ll look at three ways Christianity offers comfort and hope, by remember the birth of Christ and what it means, by remembering Jesus’ work on the cross, and by remembering His resurrection, and all shows about…

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