The Invisible Mother


Being a mother can seem like a thankless job. What you do can seem or feel so insignificant. Mothering seems to have so little immediate payoff.  These are just three of the challenges every mother faces. We’ll look at a few more challenges this week, and how Jesus sees these challenges in a very upside-down…

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ISOLATION, Part 3: Grace-grounded Community


We need a grace-based community. We need a community that understands that we will all fail ourselves, others, and the Lord, but that none of those failures identify us or define us.  Grace is the “magic tonic” that allows sinners like us to keep getting up, not with heads hung down in shame, but in…

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ISOLATION, Part 2: A Certain Kind of Community


Weariness is not a problem to solve. Weariness is a wake-up tell telling us that we have been and are now pursuing someone or something that we think will provide the satisfaction we crave.  Weariness is also an invitation to turn our eyes to Jesus Christ and bring ourselves to Him, just as we are.

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ISOLATION: Spiritual Truth, In Community


John 8:32 says “If you hold to my teachings you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” We are addicted to self. Self always comes first, even when we’re trying to do something for someone else. What can transform us? Only a certain kind of truth and a certain…

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LOST, Part 6: The Downward Spiral, Part II


Pastor Seth concludes our series on LOST.  Given Good Friday, 2022.

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LOST, Part 5: The Downward Spiral Toward Hell


Our secular hates the reality of hell and just naturally assumes that if it is real, really, really bad people might go there, but not someone like me. That notion is filled with assumptions that may lead you to ever wonder is hell might be in your future, unless, something drastic is done to awaken you…

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