The Light of Christmas


As Christians, we have been called out of our former darkness and into His marvelous light. But it’s easy to forget that as the darkness of the world, and the darkness that still resides in our heart casts a pall of confusion, discouragement and broken relationships over us. This week we’ll let Isaiah remind us of Who…

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Employer Responsibilities


What duties does an employer owe to their employees? We have a unique responsibility to those under us to bless them, as much as we can.  If you have easy employees, it’s not too hard to care for them like children.  But, if you’re a leader, manager, supervisor or owner and you have difficult employees,…

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Employee Responsibilities


Most of us have been employees at some time in our lives.  What does it mean to work for our bosses “as unto the Lord?”  What duties does an employee owe to their boss, manager, supervisor, and the company? If we consider that even in work, we are a witness of what it means to…

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Patterns of Work Success


This week, we going to look into what it takes to build a pattern of success at work.  In short, it involves your intrinsic motivation, your work attitudes, your work “energy,” and your work relationships.  The Bible gives us clear guidance on how these things work together to help us truly succeed in our work.

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The Eternal Value of Work


If you work a forty hour job, the majority of your Monday-to-Friday waking hours are invested there. Our work ethic tells us a lot about our character, as we’ll see this week. While working for diligence, we want to avoid things like slothfulness, laziness, and being a sluggard.  But how?

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The Sacredness of Work


People seem to approach their work from one of three paradigms.  “I’m passionate about what I do. Either it clearly serves a good purpose and/or I get to utilize my passions and skill.” -OR- “I’m glad I have a paycheck. It provides for my family.” -OR- “I can’t wait til Friday.” This week we’ll look…

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