Be it therefore RESOLVED…

With New Year quickly approaching, I have already been asked by several people about my goals and resolutions for this coming year.  It’s a funny part of our culture, that many feel obligated to make resolutions to: do better, do more, diet more effectively, or just set some goals that are likely to be missed by mid to late January.  So, in keeping with this tradition, but with a bit of a twist, here are a few things that I resolve for next year…

  1. I resolve to speak less and listen more
  2. I resolve to spend more time in God’s word.
  3. I resolve to have fewer outcome focused goals and more love focused goals
  4. I resolve to remain flexible to what God is doing in my life.
  5. I resolve to SLOW DOWN, and take time to rest
  6. I resolve to give the Good news of Christ to those that need to hear it.
  7. I resolve to love my neighbors and make an effort to get to know them better.
  8. I resolve become more
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