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“Unconditional” Love

While everyone wants unconditional love and mostly assumes that their love is unconditional, real life often exposes our “real” love to not be all that unconditional!

Unconditional love doesn’t just “happen.” It is grown in the crucible of hardship, love unreciprocated, and sometimes getting kicked in the teeth.


Unconditional love, most deeply desired,

Is rarely returned, though often admired.

Is this the pain that God Himself suffers,

When His children turn away to other lovers?


The loss of well-being for another’s sake

Is what is required for real love to take.

When I see that in others, I am inspired,

But do that myself? I need to be rewired!


Remember his cross. What did you see there?

So costly a love, His sacrificial care.

Unconditional love takes bites out of pride,

Humbled, grateful and free to set self aside.


To love like Christ means giving self away,

But love unrequited? Yes, a steep price to pay!

Could I kill pride and bury it in a coffin?

Is that the fastest way for my heart to soften?




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