This ^ short lil article on Coram Deo is a keeper. Glance at it if you have a couple minutes. Coram Deo basically means living life before the face of God. When I’m wanting to connect with God, I’ll sometimes just sit and picture Jesus’ face right in front of my own, inches from me. Not like a divine staring contest, but just him looking closely because he cares deeply. Intimately concerned with me and longing for me to acknowledge his presence *THIS CLOSE* to me. He is my experience. He is in me and I in him (John 15!). I love living life knowing God is this near. I’m praying for each of you to have an up close encounter with Christ this week. Look for him! He is waiting for you to come hang out with him in a new way.

Here’s to being up close and personal with our Christ..

*Bible cheers!*

Kristen G.

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