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First Things First

With a busy season coming up, (although what season is NOT busy these days?), my husband and I have been saying we need to make sure we keep the “first things first”. The #1 thing being Jesus. I want my days to glorify Him and honor those around me. Keeping Jesus at the center of my thoughts, words and actions can easily be pushed to the side with things that need to get done. Although I know from experience, and from other wise people around me, that if I keep my eyes fixed on Him, remembering all that He has done for me and how much I am loved, He will allow all the other things to fall into place and give me a peace about it all. Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, I thought I would share an activity that you can do on your own or with your family to help you keep “first things first” and motivate you to have a spirit of Thanksgiving. We will be doing it as a family as well, I’d love to hear your thoughts! :)

Play this Thanksgiving Countdown game with your family to help them focus on all they’re thankful for. You can even do one per day as you count down the days during the week before Thanksgiving day.

Have family members take turns naming…

  1. One gift you’ve received this year that you’re thankful for.
  2. Two things you’ve learned about God this year that have changed your life.
  3. Three things you’re thankful for about our family’s faith.
  4. Four things you’re thankful for about our family.
  5. Five experiences our family had this year that made you happy.
  6. Six things in creation you couldn’t live without.
  7. Seven people outside our family who blessed you in some way.

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