Repeat the Sounding Joy

We had some neighbors over tonight for Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. I was able to read all the kiddos a new Christmas book we just bought and I wanted to share the message here. It’s called Sounding Joy.


“What does joy sound like? Is it quiet like snow?

Does joy sound like the laughter of friends that you know?

Is joy like the sound of a kiss on your cheek?

Or like holding your breath when you play hide and seek?

Maybe joy sounds real loud like a ‘hip hip hooray!’

Or a whispered ‘I love you’ at the end of the day.

Joy sounds a little like all of these things. But a long time ago, joy sounded like wings…

If you can imagine, on a dark winter’s night, the sky filled with angels, all shining with light. And suddenly the shepherds and sheep down below were surrounded by songs from that heavenly host. ‘Glory to God and peace to all men’ The angels? They sang it again and again! There is good news- God bent down low and sent us His Son to make heaven our home. So every Christmas, we string up the lights to remember the way that those angels shone bright. And we sing all the songs and we bang all the drums to remember the night that God sent his Son. Glad tidings! Great joy! We are never alone. The songs will remind us we all have a home. So every Christmas, each girl and each boy can lift up their voice and repeat Sounding Joy!”


So… what does joy sound like to you? What does it feel like? While heaven and nature sing this Christmas season, will we repeat the sounding joy? I pray we all feel God’s presence and his gift of love of giving us Jesus – that sounds like joy to me!


Merry Christmas!


(Sounding Joy by Ellie Holcomb)

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