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Lance Brown

Grace in the Christian Life


Grace doesn’t end with salvation. Grace is to go right on into your daily life, especially when life gets hard.  Grace shows up in 5 paradoxical ways!  Sometimes we have to fail or struggle or even fall a little bit before we can really understand God’s grace.

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Grace: The Story of Paul


We see the power of grace most acutely in the transformation of our human nature. Only grace can change who we really are.  This week we’ll look at the transformation of the man named Saul of Tarsus. He would become known as the apostle Paul. How did Saul initially experience God’s grace? How was it seen…

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Grace: Peace, Hope, & Joy


Grace has many different applications to our lives. One of the applications is the array of gifts that God gives to His people. Alex Wong will take a look at some of those gifts we need for our journey through this life, with all of its many challenges.

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Grace instead of Judgement


A few weeks ago we contemplated that our understanding of grace would go no deeper than our understanding of our sin and our sin nature.  The same is true for judgment. Our secular culture scorns such an event or a “God who would judge.” That doesn’t dismiss that God is just to judge sin.  Greg…

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Grace In Action


Though grace is a theological term, the impact of grace is most deeply felt in the story of our lives. This week we’ll take another look at the story two brothers in Luke 15, the story often called the parable of the prodigal son. The parable is really, and especially about both sons, and how…

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The Redemption of Grace


Everyone hates to face their sin. We bend over backward to live in denial, pretense, and with a willful blindness to our own heart. The more we face the reality of the sin nature that lies within us, the greater the wonder grace will become to us. But we must receive God’s grace into ourselves. …

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