Lance Brown

Father’s Day: The Lord’s Prayer


The only time in the gospels where the disciples asked Jesus how to do a specific task was when they asked him how to pray. This Father’s Day let’s look at how to talk to our Heavenly Father as we dissect what Jesus was talking about when he shared The Lord’s Prayer.

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ISOLATION, Part 8: Hope-Centered Community


We need community. We were designed to live in community. We find meaning in community. We can become more like Jesus when we’re in community. It often seems as if the forces of darkness are winning. Our culture has been in decay for about sixty years. Our institutions are cracking and rotting from the inside…

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ISOLATION, Part 7: Love Displayed


One of the hardest things in life is relating to difficult people, or worse–people that hate you, or consider themselves an enemy. The bible gives us magnificent truth and light in such trials. First, how should we view these kinds of situations? And second, what can I do in these relationships?

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ISOLATION, Part 6: Love Defined


Our culture has many different definitions of the word “love.”  Some of them are as thin as a piece of paper and last about as long as the morning mist. The Bible defines love in very practical, relational terms. How do we learn to love like Jesus? In His laboratory…we call it a church community.

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To Fear or NOT to Fear


We all have fears that we live with everyday.  During the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I talked with a LOT of people about the fear of this virus that we knew virtually nothing about.  Was it going to be largely fatal?  Was it going to be highly communicable?  Was it going to be like…

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ISOLATION, Part 5: Trinitarian Community


The riches of Christ, once “hidden” in the recesses of our hearts, unobserved due to desires for other things, can become real, not just in our heads but in our hearts.  Trinitarian community, alive in the redeemed heart gives us the power and awareness to come alive as people. Once we were “dead” to the things…

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