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Seth Gatchell

Enemy #3


ENEMY #3 “I met the enemy,” Pogo said. “It is I.” It seems I’m two people, both the good and bad “I.” The good I want to do? I slough off guiltily. The bad I shouldn’t do? “Justified,” willfully!   My needs, my “self,” my plan, to these, stiff-necked, I cling. Easily “offended,” my feelings…

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5 Enemies


FIVE ENEMIES   The way of life is tough, experience bears out. It should not surprise us. Headwinds are all about. We face five enemies in day-to-day living. Do we even notice enemies existing?   Enemy Number One, the world that is weakened, Fallen, damaged, broken, no Garden of Eden! Fraught with mad frustrations, insecurity,…

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FEELINGS   “If I don’t feel something, it really isn’t real.” Oh fickle feelings, me, a slave to what I feel? Feelings can come and go, like offshore winds at sea. Feelings, bad wind gauges of what’s inside of me.   My feelings can be fed by my thoughts, words, and deeds! New feelings can…

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Dream Big, Act Small


There is a God-given longing to know that our life matters. That longing spurs us on into the lives of people. However, it often seems that our efforts produce such little fruit, may seem unnoticed, or on occasion, may be misinterpreted as something bad. It’s at that point that we throw our hands in the…

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The Redemption of the Feminine Heart


THE REDEMPTION OF THE FEMININE HEART A thing of rare beauty, inside a woman’s heart. A jewel that invites you, to rest and be a part. An invitation, warm, receives you to her side, Sweet enjoyment found there, like warmth of fireside.   Why does this beauty hide? Concealed behind her fear? Shrouded, under cover,…

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THIRST-SLAKING Glass pitchers all around; they promise refreshing. One promises fullness, another, caressing. A second promises to fill my emptiness. And a third promises to salve my loneliness.   One looks like lemonade, ice cubes floating with glee. Is this the one that helps with my anxiety? This one looks like orange juice, surely it…

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