Seth Gatchell

Unbelief Locks the Treasures of Heaven


John 16:8 When he (the Holy Spirit) comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment: 9 about sin, because people do not believe in me; “…sin because people do not believe in Me.” Sin is more than just doing wrong actions or not doing what we ought.…

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Resurrection, the Day After


RESURRECTION, THE DAY AFTER Three days ago ‘twas doom. What happened to my gloom? Like morning’s breath and mist, Disappeared with a kiss.   No greater truth than this! And Him I almost missed! No greater One to know. No greater love to show.   Seth

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The Narrow Road


My first twenty years I walked the road broad Until empty, longing, I came to know God. Forty-nine years since; on God’s path I have trod. Different kinds of terrain I’ve walked on this Earth’s sod.   Hovering jungle growth, fear and danger abound Amidst the stark unknown ‘twas once lost; now I’m found. On…

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Persevering Even through doubts. Unflagging hope, Even with pouts.   Finding His strength, In my weakness. Doing good, Despite my badness.   Planting His seeds, Watering blooms. Will I see flowers When love resumes?   A handful of seeds, A watering can, Dry, barren ground, Is where grace began.   Flowers in vases, Delightful fragrance.…

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The Road Leads Home


These lyrics were written by D. B. Townes in 1933. THE ROAD LEADS HOME O pilgrim, as you journey, do you ever gladly say, In spite of heavy weather and the roughness of the way, That it really does not matter, all the strange and bitter stress, Heat and cold, and toil and sorrow will…

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All around was darkness, the night in full array. But piercing through the night, Christmas lights on display,   Lights that shimmered and shined from far, far, far away. Driving through neighborhoods, Christmas lights on display.   Red lights in window panes, white lights hanging on eaves, Sparkled lights, Christmas trees, blinking lights on green…

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