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ABUNDANT LIFE   April 5, 2021   Will you keep on chasing every lesser pleasure, As if it’s your heart’s next and greatest treasure? But while you’re chasing your new lesser pleasure You’re missing out on life’s greatest Treasure!   You’ll groan in this life for that missing “something more,” And rightly yearn, with hope,…

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Saved FROM March 2, 2021   Saved, from eternal loneliness, Saved, from gut-wrenching emptiness.   Saved, from vile teeth-gnashing regret, Saved, from sin’s dark black silhouette.   Saved, from all my foolish choices, Saved, from my head’s hellish voices.   Saved, from relational drama, Saved, from the horror of trauma.   Saved, from slavery of…

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6 Aches of the Soul


SIX ACHES OF THE SOUL February 9, 2021   A frustrating world, the first kind of ache, Earthquakes, annoyances, and another headache. Would we turn to God if this world was ideal? The God of redemption is found in life’s ordeal!   The pain of bad choices, the second kind of ache, Consequences felt from…

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Little Lambs Preschool Irvine


We are so excited for the launch of Little Lambs Preschool February 1st! Please join us in praying for all the children who attend. If you have not had a chance yet, please check out Little Lambs website.  We are happy to announce that all members of PCI will be offered a 10% discount for…

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BELOVED January 5, 2021 We all chase after that elusive something. Is it romance, success, or who I’m becoming? Where is meaning? Through political correctness? Kids? Service? Hawaii? Gym? Why am I restless?   Is there one who knows the ugliest parts of you? Has seen the very worst of you and still is true?…

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REFLECTIONS December 8, 2020   Look at the lake in the stillness of early morn, The water is like glass, not a ripple is born. But the “color” of the lake is not just deep blue, Its color reflects the colors of what’s in view.   I can “see” the trees rooted on the other…

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