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July 4, Independence Day


For 25 years I have led about 120 2nd graders in a patriotic program. The kids learn and sing 10 patriotic songs, and I teach them the stories behind the songs. After our show two years ago I wrote this poem. REFLECTIONS AFTER THE SECOND GRADE PATRIOTIC PROGRAM November 8, 2018   One hundred and…

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LISTENING   A.P.B.: Missing here! A right ear and left ear! No sign of whereabouts! Relations in the pouts!   Listening: you go first! Listening for heart’s thirst.   Listening for their mopes, Listening for their hopes.   Listening for their thoughts, Listening for sore spots.   Listening when they’re curt, Listening for their hurt.…

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Why Join A Church?


“Why Bother with Church Membership?” I’ve been asked the question before. Sometimes it’s said with genuine curiosity “So explain to me what membership is all about.” Other times it’s said with a tinge of suspicion “So tell me again, why do you think I should become a member?” as if joining the church automatically signed…

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SPRINGS OF WATER May 5, 2020   Where does it all come from, seeming endless supply? Out of the rock and ground? Water that satisfies! Washing, cleansing, scrubbing, bathing, cleaning, rinsing, Showers, pouring, clearing; my soul’s purifying.   Such sweetness on hot days, oases in hot years. Washing suffering’s tears and bringing joyous tears. Satisfying,…

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Sermon Notes Kids Edition


If your family is anything like mine, most the time, you manage to get your kids to sit and watch church with you on the TV for about 3 minutes before telling them to just go play in the other room. we wanted to give you something to hopefully help keep their attention a little…

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O, Risen Christ


This short prayer was written by Macrina Wiederkehr. I absolutely love this poem, especially with Good Friday and Easter approaching. –Pastor Seth O RISEN CHRIST “O, Risen Christ… When I search for you in the darkness Show me the light of your face. When my darkness is too heavy Send me the dawn. When I…

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