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May 18, 2023 You must not despair When toward Me you don’t care. Are you still that surprised When your heart turns aside? You are prized; not chastised; Come to Me, My bride!! You matter to me More than failure, you’ll see! No matter your setbacks Sit down and relax. I still yearn to see…

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Easter Confusion


Last Easter we were heading to the park with the kids. Charlotte and Luke sped ahead on their scooters. Jessica chased after them to make sure they were safe and I was escorting Owen as he was “riding” his scooter. He hadn’t quite got the hang of  steering and pumping his foot at the same…

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Wild horses Loose on the plain, Running wild Without a rein.   Wild thoughts Like a stampede, Dangers galore, Hard to impede.   Lord, please help me Lasso my thinking. May it yet be Corralled, not stinking.   Harnessed and bridled, Combed and saddled. Every thought captive, Wise and perceptive.

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VBS is coming up soon!


Mark your calendars! June 12th-16th! We are going to have a galaxy worth of fun for all preschool and elementary age students! 

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Mansions of the Lord; Home, at Last!


Do you see the faces of people you loved, In the flower blooms of His gardens, above? Clatter over the stone bridge; folks all want to see you! Enter through the narrow gate, this last time through.   In the library, reading back through the old book Obedience was worth it, on every page you…

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Two friends and I had skied the Rocky Mountains. It was time to head back to the Texas’ flat plains.   As we drove east away from the mountains Longing and grief co-mingled into joy.   I sat in the backseat, alone, mesmerized. Watching the mountain slowly fade in size.   There was the sad…

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