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On every mountain high, and every valley low, On every cruise ship wide, to every country go, To the new career change, to the new, next “real” love, Lasting pleasure his quest; his eyes won’t search above.   The shadow of pleasure is what every man stalks, Feeling high? Numbing pain? Searching like soaring hawks.…

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A Christmas Devotional


Christmas Devotional December 25th 2022 Day 1: When C.S. Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, he was searching for a way to help people experience the Gospel in a new and fresh way. Sometimes the Christmas story can become something that we just go through. We hear the same story every year and sometimes it…

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Christmas Lights


All around was darkness, the night in full array. But piercing through the night, Christmas lights on display,   Lights that shimmered and shined from far, far, far away. Driving through neighborhoods, Christmas lights on display.   Red lights in window panes, white lights hanging on eaves, Sparkled lights, Christmas trees, blinking lights on green…

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I hear your heart’s need, I hear your heart’s bleed.   I hear your anger, I hear your hunger.   I hear your mopes, I hear your hopes.   I hear your thoughts, I hear your sore spots.   I hear your disconcert, I hear your hurt.   I hear your strain, I hear your…

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God so loved


…God so loved… It is affirmed here that God so loved the world. The term “God” is the designation of the divine nature, and so can be used either for the Father; for Jesus, the Son; or for the Holy Spirit. In this verse, obviously “God” is used for the Father, who gave his Son.…

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Wonderful, Merciful Savior


These are the beautiful lyrics of a son written by Eric Wyse…   Wonderful, merciful Savior Precious Redeemer and Friend, Who would have thought that a Lamb Could rescue the souls of men? You rescue the souls of men.   Counselor, Comforter, Keeper, Spirit, we long to embrace. You offer hope when our hearts have…

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