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4 Things I Learned Spending Two Months as a Preschool Teacher


We started a preschool in February and through a series of unfortunate events, I had the privilege of stepping in as a preschool teacher for a couple months while we hired someone else (Someone who could do a much better job). In that time I learned a lot of valuable lessons about working in/running a…

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“I’m a Forgiving Person”


“I’M A FORGIVING PERSON”   August 22, 2019   “I’m a forgiving gal,” and that she proudly claimed. But bitter there she stood, “Justified! Unashamed!” She was judge and jury. “He’s guilty! I condemn.” Scorn and contempt she threw against the evil “them.”   But when called to forgive what a ruckus and fray! Outraged…

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LISTENING A.P.B.: Missing here! A right ear and left ear! No sign of whereabouts! Relations in the pouts!   Listening: you go first! Listening for heart’s thirst.   Listening for their mopes, Listening for their hopes.   Listening for their thoughts, Listening for sore spots.   Listening when they’re curt, Listening for their hurt.  …

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Book of Hosea


BOOK OF HOSEA Hosea, the prophet, married the village whore. And to three loser “dads,” three children Gomer bore. I wanted MY people, in sad Gomer, to see, Like Gomer, that they were adulteresses to Me.   She did what she wanted, with men, running around. “They leave me food and gifts, in secret at…

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UNTROUBLED? “In this world you will have trouble.” Well, Jesus, I certainly know about that! When troubles come I usually fall flat! “Let not your heart be troubled.”   When troubles come in their course, Troubles troubling, my heart comes apart. First troubles come, then my troubled heart. Just like the cart comes after the…

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We recently had our membership class and I was really struck by the very first paragraph in our membership book. It says; Most people live their entire lives without ever knowing “why?” They exist year after year with no idea of why they live or God’s purpose for their lives. The most basic question a…

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