Ordinary Hospitality


Ordinary hospitality is central to the way of Jesus. It’s how He did outreach, and it how He told us to interact with believers and non-believers.  So how do we recapture hospitality to engage our culture today? Pastor Mark walks us through this ordinary but valuable practice.

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The Character of God: The Justice of God


Few things get the hackles up from an atheist than the belief that God is a judge. You frequently hear, “I don’t believe in a God who judges. I believe in the loving Jesus.”  They would be surprised that in the New Testament, Jesus is the very one who warns us most about a coming…

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The Character of God: The Omniscience of God


The omniscience of God is more than “God knows everything.” He knows what is true about Himself, life, human nature, relationships, and you.  We desperately need His truth about all of those, since our “innate” understanding of all of these is faulty and foolish. If we just live based on how we think these things…

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The Character of God: The Sovereignty of God


We all like to believe in an all-powerful sovereign God.  However, when God does things on his own timetable, He can seem very unfair, to us.  In the story of king Cyrus, God fulfilled his promise to rescue the Israelites from Babylonian captivity, but why did it take him 150 years?  God didn’t change His…

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The Character of God: The Majesty of God


David, a man the Bible calls “a man after God’s own heart”, describes the majesty of God and then the effects it has on his life, in Psalm 8.  The prophet Isaiah also paints a majestic picture in which he frames how the majesty of God can give us strength, perseverance and hope in the…

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The Character of God: Holiness


You won’t hear much about the holiness of God in today’s culture, but you can be sure that God is working to build His holiness in you, at just about any cost!  Contrary to our culture’s message, holiness and long-term happiness are vitally linked!  Becoming holy is difficult, but it helps when we get a…

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