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Lovely Feet

As I was preparing for this month’s study in Romans 10, for the men’s staff breakfast, there was a verse that kept sticking in my mind.  Paul quotes the prophet Isaiah in Rom 10:15, when he says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”  God is sending us as “foot soldiers” of the Gospel of peace.

  • God’s sending people, leads to His Word being spoken
  • His Word being spoken leads to people hearing
  • Because of His Spirit, people hearing leads to people believing
  • And people believing leads to the building of God’s Kingdom

Our goal should be to have beautiful feet, by sharing the reason for the hope we have.  Sometimes I cant myself thinking that I have a message that people have heard, don’t want to hear, or are tired of hearing, because I don’t give the Holy Spirit His due.

I am simply the messenger.  However, the task given me was not a holy suggestion, it was the divine will of God…who loved me, and gave himself up for me!

Okay feet.  Let’s working on being a little bit more beautiful today.




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