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Why a Professor Failing a Student for Being a Christian Should Keep You Up at Night

“In this age of grade inflation it is difficult to earn a grade of zero much less four consecutive zeros. Professors who do so are likely to be sending a message,” – Dr. Mike Adams

I read an interesting article written by Kaitlyn Schallhorn (click her name to be directed to her twitter) today at It seems a college professor gave a young girl four zeros on four consecutive papers  for expressing her Christian world view. The four papers had either religious undertones or were blatantly religious in nature.  I wish I could say that I am shocked by this story. Unfortunately, I am not, In a lot of ways, this is my story.

When I was in junior college, I had a humanities professor who on our first day of class, took up the entire lecture to show us why Christianity was stupid and how any one that believed in it was childish and delusional. I knew better than to confront him in class (God’s Not Dead hadn’t come out yet) but I did schedule an office visit with him to talk about why I thought Christianity was perfectly rational. I had been going to church all my life and as a 19 year old I assumed I knew everything I needed to know. I was so wrong. He moped the floor with me. He used the Bible in my hand to make Christianity seem silly and trite. I was devastated. I can see why so many students leave the faith when they start attending college. Most of them do not have concrete reasons why they believe what they believe.

Lucky for me, I can be stubborn (Just ask my wife) and instead of walking away I dug my heels in. I went to find answers to his arguments. This began me on a path to enjoy apologetics and ultimately what opened the door to becoming a pastor.

My heart breaks for this young girl, who was 16 by the way. To be treated so harshly by an authority figure while she was expressing herself in a place that prides itself on being a place of freedom and expression. We send students in droves to college and in one way or another, most of them share similar experiences.We need to spend more time training and inoculating our students for the schools we send them to. The university, unfortunately has become a place that is very much against Christians.

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