College Group!

We are a group of college-aged students (you don’t have to be actually ATTENDING ;-)…).  The college age is a crucial period.  For the first time, we are able to step outside of our parent’s homes and make a decision for Jesus: either YES or NO.  Whether we realize it or not, we will be influenced in this decision by all kinds of sources: our classes, the television, the people around us, etc.  Come join us and be influenced by what is right!! We can’t do this alone; we all need help.  Come find the help you need in other college aged people who are experiencing the same things you are, and are struggling with the same problems.

We meet once a week for dinner and small group time on campus at UC Irvine.  We believe that trusting the Lord and living inside His boundaries is the ONLY WAY to peace and happiness.  Check the church calendar for dates/times.  Come see what we’re all about!!



Dinner!!  Yum.

Dennise can cook!


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