So you turn on the radio to find some good music.  On the first station, you hear a bunch of words that are jumbled together and too fast to understand… plus half of the words are censored out.  The second station is the same annoying girl who’s voice is distorted and looped over and over again… “I wanna party all night” are the only lyrics.  Finally you turn the dial over to the Christian radio station, but don’t feel like you can listen to more “church music.”

Is there any good music out there?

So many Christians struggle with this question because they don’t want to only listen to worship music 24/7 and they’re not too sure that KIIS FM plays the most God-glorifying tunes.  Since it is so hard to find good music (both musically and lyrically), some of the youth leaders brainstormed in the latest podcast about the best good music out there that is not necessarily worship and doesn’t give out bad messages.  


Here are some of those artists:

  1. Switchfoot
  2. U2
  3. Jon Foreman
  4. Brooke Fraser
  5. Sufjan Stevens
  6. Eisley
  7. Brett Dennen
  8. Coldplay
Check out these artists on iTunes.  If you have any other recommendations or favorites, please post a comment!

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