pictureJohn and Adri W. are hosting a new 10-week series based on the book God’s Big Picture, by Vaughan Roberts.  We will be meeting Tuesday nights from January 13 to March 17 at 7pm in South Irvine.

This book is an introduction to Biblical Theology, or the study of how the whole of the Bible fits together to tell a single story.  You are likely to enjoy this study if:

  1. You’ve never spent much time in the Old Testament, or
  2. You’re not sure what Jesus means when he talks about “The Kingdom of God,”  or
  3. You want a better understanding of how the whole Bible is put together and where all the books are

This study will have homework each week – one short book chapter, 1-2 chapters from the Bible, and questions to answer to help you remember what you read.  You will need to purchase the book ($10) and have a Bible that is READABLE and that you are willing to WRITE in.  Any cheaper Bible is fine.  Very readable translations include the NIV, TNIV, NLT, and Message versions.

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