Truth Project

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Starting on June 12th, and going on through the summer!!

12 fantastic Christian worldview classes that will be held right after church in Room 101, from 11:15 to 1:30.  This class will be team taught by Pastor Lance, Pastor Mark, AND Pastor Seth!  We will eat lunch together (pizza, sandwiches, picnic lunch, or something each week) during the first hour.  The second hour, we will be discussing what we saw in the video, and interacting with some of the best information available for those who want to know how the Truth of Jesus plays into our Christian worldview.

Who should attend this series?

  1. People who want to know more about the “Capital T” Truth of Christ’s message and how, as a Christian, that Truth relates to the studies of anthropology, theology, psychology, and other sciences.
  2. People who want to be able to talk more intelligently about how current science and mathematical studies are consistent with God’s word and supportive of the idea of intelligent design.
  3. People who want to learn why our modern society struggles so much with Christian ideology, and those who want to hammer through some of these issues that we ALL struggle with, to feel more confident in discussing such topics with others.

Practically and personally, participants will be reintroduced to the truth claims of God.  Twelve one-hour lessons discuss in detail God’s design for living out the Christian worldview in daily life.  Most importantly, it addresses the need to marry our actions to our core beliefs!!

We HOPE you can join us!!

-Seth, Lance, & Mark

“Given the widespread moral relativism in the culture today, it is more important than ever that Christians understand and are committed to absolute truth.  Our worldview curriculum, present by Dr. Del Tackett, is addresses that issue in a n effective and captivating way.  It is one of the most exciting programs to come from this ministry in many years.”

-James C. Dobson, Ph.D., founder and chairman, Focus on the Family

“I wholeheartedly recommend The Truth Project.  It is worthy of its name and its intent.  I hope and pray that many will get behind it and take advantage of it.  The content of a project like this is the best gift you can give your children and yourself.”

-Ravi Zacharias, president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

“I think that The Truth Project is one of the most significant things that Focus on the Family has ever undertaken.”

-Dr. R.C. Sproul, found and chairman, Ligonier Ministries