A Kids Journey Into WorldViews

Kids are born for the purpose of loving God and loving people, just like us (adults).   Kids have a purity and clear heart that Jesus sees and He even recommends that our hearts must become like a child to enter into the kingdom of God.   It is us the adults, our culture and media that help kids learn the ways that clog up hearteries.  If we can help kids be unruffled by the claims of the culture that work against their psyche that would be an awesome juice to drink.  For that they will need all the same things we need: to know that God is for us, He is who we are here to please, He is our provider of everything , He gives us our direction if we wait for His timing, He is our compass, and He is good.

I don’t know what lens your kids are seeing the world through but a sure bet is that a Christian lens and living the way Jesus tells us to live is the best way to become confident, good, loved, cherished, & right in His eyes and that will be foundational for the joy and satisfaction we can have in this life.

Practically speaking when we were raising our daughter we watched other families doing so many things that we couldn’t do for our daughter.   I thought, temporarily, that she was not going to be as happy as those others will be.  That thought could have rubbed off on her in some weird negative way.  What was really going on though was that she was learning that keeping up with others wasn’t what makes us a person after Gods heart.  Keeping up with others activities and lifestyle doesn’t give us joy; being grateful for what she was able to do did give her joy and then she was able to be happy in her skin.

We began to attend Pacific Church of Irvine together and we began to learn the truth of what is important to God and to develop the Christian World View Lens that will forever work for our family.

Jesus taught that to our family together, by trusting Him, learning about His promises, and praying for His wisdom in our decisions.

By DebraSTAFF Blog

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