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Vacation Bible School is a Win, Win, Win.

STAFF BlogVacation Bible School is a Win-Win-Win! and here is why:

We just completed the weeklong Vacation Bible School here at Pacific Church of Irvine in June and looking back there are so many wins about it. I will start with three:

Win #1 – Here parents drop off their kids for three hours of safe fun with a water slide, crafts, snacks ,activities and Bible Stories, all for the amazing price of $20.00  per week! That’s right- $4.00 per day.  Moms and Dads can have three hours to catch up other things while their kids are well supervised and thoroughly engaged: heart, mind, soul, and energy!!

Win #2 – Volunteers get the opportunity to work together as the Church.  While planning together and serving together, we make new and deeper friendships with kids, parents, and one another.  It is three hours of being with all categories of people in the Church: 7th graders, high schoolers, moms, dads, others– you get the picture.  We are all churching together with our VBS attendees and with one another.  The common denominator is that we all want to serve the Lord Jesus and we want to serve the families that attend.

Win #3- The families and children that do see value in Win # 1 get to actually experience being at Church if they don’t regularly attend.  Even though we may not see the families again, at least we are blessed to be able to share Church with those that come to Pacific Church of Irvine for the one week known as Vacation Bible School.  Here, many of them learn about Jesus for the first time.  Hosting VBS is just one, but very powerful way we reach out to the community in order to share the love of Jesus.

We are sure looking forward to summer 2017!


By Debra