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I was boating over the summer with some friends up at Lake Powell. The second or third day we were there, I hit a submerged rock at about 30 miles per hour. It bent the propeller severely, and the drive shaft a little bit as well. When we got back and I took the boat to the repair guy, he said, “Yup, you’re looking at about a $3000 repair.” My heart sank. I thought I would just be able to repair the propeller, and I would be back in the water. But when an expert looked at the problem, he said there was more damage than meets the eye.

That’s like us. We like to think we can put a quick fix on most of our problems. But the issue is “there is more damage than meets the eye!” The imprint of having a sinful nature means that though we my try to put “quick fixes” on our selfishness or our pride or our stubbornness, the problem runs deeper even than the external manifestations of our sin. The only chance we have of getting back “up to speed” is to submit ourselves to the master builder for an overhaul.

After the work was done on the boat, it ran smoother AND faster than ever before! When we submit to God for the sometimes uncomfortable process of the complete overhaul, he transforms us more into the likeness of his son, Jesus. He puts to death, in us, that selfishness and stubborn pride. We, too, can run smoother and faster. It may not always be easier, but it is always better.

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