Pacific Book Club

Mondays: October 1, 29, November 26         Time: 7:00-8:30 at PCI

Read each of the following pages in preparation for each of the dates, below:

  • Pages 11-80 for October 1st
  • Pages 81-145 for October 29
  • Pages 147-229 for November 26

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When God’s Ways Make No Sense

By Dr. Larry Crabb

Part 1: When God’s Ways Make No Sense, What then? Three Stories, Three Answers

Chapter 1: A Christian’s Response to an Incomprehensible God: Three Options

Chapter 2: Resist and Run (When Doing Wrong Feels Right): The Story of Jonah

Chapter 3: Distort and Deny (The Counterfeit Gospel): Then and Now: The Story of Saul

Chapter 4: Tremble and Trust (The Response of a Discerning Soul): The Story of Habakkuk

Part 2: When God’s Ways Make No Sense, Tremble! Why? What? How?

Chapter 5: Why Must We Tremble in Order to Trust?

Chapter 6: Trembling: The Gateway to Trust

Chapter 7: A Hands-Off God?

Chapter 8: Hands-Off but Present (And Still in Control)?

Chapter 9: Counterfeit Christianity for Christians: Claiming a Promise God Never Made

Chapter 10: A Long Journey Toward an Elusive Goal

Part 3: When God’s Ways Make No Sense: Trust in God’s Unthwarted Sovereignty

Chapter 11: The High Calling to Trust: Is it Too High?

Chapter 12: In God We Trust: For the Good He Gives or the Good We Want?

Chapter 13: The Consolable Longing: God’s Provision for the Good Life That Every Christian Most Wants

Chapter 14: Would We Prefer to Trust a Heavenly Grandfather? (Is that What We’re Doing?)

Chapter 15: Enjoying Our Sovereign God: “The Whole of History Is Nothing More Than the Story of God’s Activity”

Chapter 16: What Does It Mean to Say God Is Sovereign? Three Views (What View Best Frees Us to Enjoy Our Sovereign God?)

Part 4: When God’s Ways Make No Sense: Three Parables

Chapter 17: A Modern-Day Jonah: “I Know Better”

Chapter 18: A Modern-Day Saul: “I Can Make it Better”

Chapter 19: A Modern-Day Habakkuk: “There’s Nothing Better”

Final Comments: Unsettled Trust

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