“If I don’t feel something, it really isn’t real.”

Oh fickle feelings, me, a slave to what I feel?

Feelings can come and go, like offshore winds at sea.

Feelings, bad wind gauges of what’s inside of me.


My feelings can be fed by my thoughts, words, and deeds!

New feelings can be built by where God’s truth does lead.

Coveting and griping will murder my heart, dead.

Fight “negative” feelings, armed with His truth, instead.


Sometimes feelings point me to something deep inside.


Why am I so angry? Look for entitlement!

When mild depression hits, false hopes to be content.

Anxiety and fear? Self’s “needs” based on frail hopes.

When discouragement strikes? Demanding spirit mopes.


And when I feel empty? Trust what the world can give??

Now, when feeling empty, I look to God and live!

When my soul feels lonely deeper connection’s thirst,

Satisfaction deepened, soul’s hunger is reversed.



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