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5 Enemies



The way of life is tough, experience bears out.

It should not surprise us. Headwinds are all about.

We face five enemies in day-to-day living.

Do we even notice enemies existing?


Enemy Number One, the world that is weakened,

Fallen, damaged, broken, no Garden of Eden!

Fraught with mad frustrations, insecurity, fear,

Painful toils and trials, the need to persevere.


Enemy Number Two, foolish ways of the world,

Intoxicating scents, pride’s temptations unfurled.

“You really don’t need God.” “You’re good.” “You deserve it.”

“Just demand what you need.” “Your feeling? Go with it!”


Enemy Number Three, there’s something wrong with me.

My “wanter” is messed up. God and I don’t agree.

The good I know I should? Excused away simply.

The bad I shouldn’t do? Okayed, approved swiftly.


Enemy Number Four, there’s something wrong with you.

Conflict, arguments, fights, hurt feelings devalue.

We are “self”-made people, drama-making machines,

Quick to speak? Ears closed tight. We’ve closed off healthy means.


Enemy Number Five, Satan, prince of darkness.

His purpose? Destruction. Evil in its starkness.

The tempter, the liar, he’s God’s truth confuser,

Whisperer, deceiver, the “master” accuser.


Five enemies at war, they fight you every day.

They try to veer you off God’s love, God’s plan, God’s way.

The battleground is life, war on relationships,

The life of Christ? Your life! Your armor you must grip!


The sword of the Spirit, breastplate of righteousness,

Belt of absolute truth, and faith’s shield protect us.

Boots of peace steady us, helmet of salvation,

Stand firm and fight the fight, armored, your foundation.