Though huge, weighty, bulky, it’s something you won’t see.

Hidden, veiled out of sight on a cruise out at sea.

And you won’t feel its strength when ocean waters smooth,

But when sea billows roll an anchor the heart soothes.


Down deep in the sea bed the anchor does its work,

Against the tides and ebbs, fights waves that bring a jerk.

Pressure, stress, holding tight, the anchor battles rolls.

While cruise ship passengers enjoy their midnight strolls.


No one thanks the anchor, it’s taken for granted.

While in the cruise ship bar, mirth and songs are chanted.

The cruise ship diners feast in five-star restaurants.

No wine nor coffee spilled. The waiters? Nonchalant.


Perhaps just the captain, (and maybe the first mate)

Understand the anchor, its strength and iron plate.

And boats of any size no matter small or great

Will not shove off from shore without an anchor’s weight.


Jesus Christ, our anchor, invisible is He.

Hidden in Christian’s heart, in life’s journey with me.

I may not feel His strength when life is going well.

But this anchor’s strength felt when life’s “going to hell.”


Down deep in my heart the Anchor does His work,

Against my sin and pride, things that make me a jerk.

Pressure, stress, and messes, battles with sin’s strongholds,

While through my daily life, my heart this Anchor holds.


Will I thank the Anchor or take Him for granted

When life is delightful, jokes and songs are chanted?

When out for summer feasts, in five-star restaurants,

No wine nor coffee spilled, and I am nonchalant?


Perhaps just the Christian, (and maybe those who view)

Understand the Anchor, and all that He went through!

No matter what I face, no matter small or great,

I won’t shove off today without this Anchor’s weight.