A Poem for the Book of Psalms


August 1, 2019

Fear of abject failure! Fear of being useless!
Fear of more rejection! Fear of looking foolish!
Fear of one more crisis, of bad things happening!
Why am I so afraid? It’s just so maddening!

Oh, I cry out to You. Are You an absentee?
Is this my prayer answered, “Wait, set your hope on Me”?
And some prayers “unanswered”, leave me very saddened.
Life’s hard difficulties, more than I imagined.

I want to feel secure, confident and stable.
Feel alive with purpose? But I’m just not able!
The feelings of full “life,” all this I keep chasing,
Is this the “life” you give, this, of Your own choosing!

Seth, you must come to Me with your struggle and ache,
Your worries, confusion and your searing heartbreak,
Your depression, sadness, loneliness and your doubt,
When you’d rather just quit or finally check out.

My unusual “friends” are there to make you free:
“Confusion” will lead you back to Me, you will see!
And deepened “Emptiness” will point you to “Hunger.”
And “Hope” will lift you up when you’re in the dumper.

Either you’ll cling to Me, and seek Me as I AM
Or you will reshape Me into a god-like sham.
But you will find yourself every time you find Me,
Or you will lose yourself in “recreating” Me.