Marriage “Tune-Ups”

Lots of things in our lives require maintenance. My car needs an oil change, oil filter, tire rotation, new tires, new transmission fluid, new windshield wipers.

We reset new goals for the new year. We revisit our budget. We upgrade our wi-fi network, we redecorate and remodel rooms in our homes.

For some reason, we rarely think about doing that with our marriage!!!

Growing marriages require occasional tune-ups or sometimes they require overhauls. These things don’t just “happen” because we wish them to be better.

Growing marriages require wisdom, intentionality, and a growing amount of humility and giving to your spouse.

Saturday, Jan. 11, you have an opportunity to take your marriage to a marriage “mechanic.” Me!

Saturday, 9:30–2:30 you have the opportunity to gain important wisdom as to how to build a marriage.

Where? Northwood Community Center on Bryan (in Irvine). Includes a continental breakfast and lunch!

Register on-line at Make an investment in your marriage!