A Moment of My Time

“I’ve always had a bit of argument in me.”  Hmm, that might be understating it a bit.  “I like to debate topics with people, even if we don’t agree.” Okay, that’s not quite right either.  “I like to be right and have everyone know that I’m right.” Okay, that’s closer, but it doesn’t sound very nice.  What is this argument going on in my head?

Sometimes, after spending a little too much time on social media, I get a little…aggressive in my thinking.  Or, if I read something that I strongly disagree with, it sort of primes me to be argumentative then next time the subject comes up.  I had a good chat with God this morning in the area of motives.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it comes down…once again…to self.  I want people to think I am smart.  I want them to think I’m good at my job.  I want to feel validated.  Honestly, I’m getting frustrated that God seems to need to teach me this lesson over and over again, but apparently, I’m just not getting it.

Here’s this morning’s revelation, in hopes that someone else may learn the lesson faster than I.  My value is in Christ.  He is enough.  I don’t need men’s approval, I need His approval.  How I’m going to get that approval is through obedience to Him, especially in the area of loving His people.  Another revelation: His people don’t feel loved when I debate them in a public forum trying to validate my opinion and undermine theirs.  His people feel loved, when I…well, love them.  As a choice, not a feeling.  As I try to heart them and feel their hurts.  As love focused goals erase outcome focused ones and I chose to draw out their concerns and feelings instead of always talking about mine.  Shoot…long way to go…help me Lord.

Hope this helps someone else today too. :-)


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