Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings


The grass outside my door,

Rain-drenched when heavens pour,

Lies under touchdowns scored,

My bed for my nap’s snore.


My grass is walked upon.

Dogs love it! Peed upon!

“Dogs! Don’t! Pleeeeeeze!” Pooped upon…

God’s beauty paints my lawn.


Blades mow it down weekly,

It bows, succumbs meekly.

Endures blazing sun weakly,

Grass, where kids play sweetly.


Sits in freezing weather,

Yet it’s tough as leather.

Soft just like a feather,

Our picnics, together.


No umbrella for rain,

Sleet and snow are its bane.

Sit’s helpless in its strain.

But calms me in my strain.


What I learn from the grass?

In spite of this trouble,

In spite of the rubble,

In time, this too will pass.

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