Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Book of 1 Corinthians

When life is filled with relational drama,

And plenty of bouts of personal trauma,

What drives the spewing of petty criticizing,

The hatred, vitriol, and demonizing?


Knowledge puffs up,” the apostle did say,

Like a weapon unleashed in the furious fray,

Playing the “expert,” the one “in the know,”

The sharp arrows of pride are shot with a bow.


“Loving” folks? It’s easy(!) when you all agree,

Pat our “loving” selves on the back, and smile with glee.

But when differing opinions make it harder to love,

You’ll need a deeper love, one from above.


To love like the Lord, in His selflessness,

Requires a death to pride and some humbleness.

Real love is patient, kind and not rude

Not easily angered, with no “attitude.”


Lawsuits and immorality, oh what a mess

Self-centeredness run amok creating stress,

The Lord’s Supper, remembering His death,

Will bring godliness back, or my name’s not Seth!


Is spiritual growth really this slow?

Some days it seems like I’ve got farther to go!

Still dealing with annoying temptations,

And the same stupid, petty irritations.


When each of the members plays their role

We function like a body; folks are made whole,

Orphans get fed, couples reunited,

Hope is restored, and God is delighted.



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