Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Book of Numbers

Life, tougher than you thought. It all starts with high hopes,

But the road is a bumpy, And along come the mopes.

Unbelieving, spoiled, “Why aren’t things better??

Have I missed my way? Am I becoming bitter?”


Muttering and mumbling, sputtering and grumbling.

Whining and griping, complaining and sniping.

Bellyaching and ranting, grousing and raving.

Fretting and moaning, fuming and groaning.


Seething and squawking, stewing and squabbling.

“Everything’s OK??” Wilderness wanderings!

Will you not face your self? Blind to your rebellion?

Mt. Sinai tells it all, evidence, compelling.


“I will meet you through your sorrow and heartaches,

Your failure and conflicts, your anger and heartbreaks,

Anguish and brokenness, sadness and disappointment,

Worries and depression, and despondent and torment.


To value holiness more than temporal ease.

To love the unlovely, even those you displease.


There’s a severity to My love that you need,

Like “tough love” to your teen. It’s the way, sometimes needs.

Life’s road is short in time, in endurance exceed.

Seek Me and you’ll find Me, true to every need.

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