Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

They Used to be Called Journalists

Quoting out of context, the twisting of meaning,

Insinuate evil, arrogant, demeaning,

Creating suspicion, inscribing vile intent

While claiming “No bias,” and “It’s truth I present.”


Straw man arguments, haughty in your scorning,

Jump to worst conclusions, filed every morning.

Faulty assumptions, you’re narrative spinners.

Wear your tuxedoes at White House Press Corps Dinners.


The greatest “prize” of all? Clever “Gotcha” questions.

You? “Sophisticated,” spinning false impressions.

While journalism’s trust sinks lower than Congress,

You? A “legend!” “Noble!” Lions roaring! “Dauntless!”


But when you’re guy’s in charge, O, what a different scene!

He’s “heroic”, “honest.” You glory in his sheen.

Softball questions only, “Gotchas” now forbidden.

Chum it up! You’re his pal! Purring like a kitten!

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