Thanks Giving

There are words in the english language that have been attached to things or that we say without actually thinking about the meaning of them. Things like, “I’m going to hit the hay,” “Glove box,” “Getting on his soap box,” “landline,” “Indian giver,” “master bedroom” or don’t even get me started on “wife beater tank tops.” The point is, at some point, we say something enough times we stop thinking about what it means, or the meaning gets transformed.

Thanks Giving is like that for me. It’s football, it’s food, it’s family. Which are all good things. But it certainly is not about giving thanks. Maybe we will go around the table and begrudgingly say one thing we are thankful for this year just so we can dive into the sweet potatos, but I certainly don’t have an attitude of giving thanks.

This year, I am going to try and do this holiday a little differently. I want to spend the whole day being thankful to my creator for everything he has given me. Thankful for the football, family, and food, of course! But thankful for so much more as well.