Making the Holidays Meaningful + Advent Resources

A couple weeks ago, we started teaching the Christmas lessons to the kids at church. When doing the advent wreath, Kennedy and I talked about how cool it was that we get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday for a whole month! How cool would it be if WE could have a birthday month rather than a birthday day? She thought it would be pretty neat- As do I:)
The word Advent means to remember and prepare for the birth of Jesus. Today, we also celebrate the truth that we know Jesus will come again.
In the full story of redemption, advent celebrates the season of celebrating Christ’s birth and looking forward to his return and final victory. (Easter being the season where we celebrate his death and resurrection.)
During the advent season, There are so many “to do’s,” places to be, people to see, checklists to check off. This is all in addition to the normal jobs we have or children to take care of. But lately I have found the simple act of “remembering advent” will help me refocus on what’s important.
It can be just a little moment of worship to thank God for what He’s done and how much he loves me.
Practically, this could be a pause in my day. It could mean a conversation with my kids. A discussion with friends on Marco Polo, or at lifegroup. Or a change in direction from my normal quiet time, like an advent devotional on the Bible app.
Preparing room in my heart to worship him will allow me to usher others into that as well. I do well to remember its not about me, its about God, about Jesus and about his coming to rescue us from the burden of sin and live a life for him, loving Him and loving others well.
I read this quote from the Risen Motherhood blog that says it the best:
“While striving to make this season special and full of meaningful, family traditions, let’s remind ourselves of this truth: it has never been a mother’s job to make childhood so magical that our children don’t see their great need for Jesus, too. Our children do not need a perfect holiday; they need a perfect Savior. Every unmet expectation, every holiday frustration, every tear or argument is a chance to show our children the reason we needed our hearts to be rescued. They are opportunities to truly show our children the only place we will find that rescue: in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
So we can remember that when our plans and expectations don’t go the way we wanted them to go, life is not Pinterest or Instagram perfect, but that’s ok because it reminds us of the only One who is Perfect and He also happens to be our good and gracious King who we get to celebrate this Christmas. I hope this simple act of “remembering advent” will encourage you and will bring you to worship Jesus this season.
Here are some ideas and resources to bring our children into the advent celebration with us. May they see how we model and celebrate his birth this season. And although there are a myriad of resources to look at and include in our Christmas traditions, remember the tradition is not the means to an end, the purpose is to bring us to worship Jesus!



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