Smoke on the Water

So I got to spend a little time up at the lake last week.  It was cold.  The air temperature was about 40 F in the morning and the water was a crisp 65 F.  The effect of the morning sun, was a beautiful “smoke on the water” effect that just made me appreciate the incredible beauty that God has built into our world.  Spending most of my life in the cities and suburbs, I have always found a respite and rejuvenation in the outdoors where God’s creative power is readily apparent.

Mountains, oceans, massive trees, even really big animals…they all testify to the glory of God!  The power of His hands exceeds all that man in his self-appointed wisdom will ever be able to achieve.  Why am I stirred by the grandeur of the mountain, by the power of the ocean, or by the steamy effect of the fog lingering over the water in the dawn’s early light? I think it is because of the spark of God’s nature that He gives us as his sons and daughters.

God has put his “fingerprint” on us.  We are created in HIS image.  Not that God has hands, or feet, or two eyes and ears.  I mean…maybe He does, I’ve never seen Him in person. :)  But what I think He’s speaks about is our soul.  He has given us the gift of eternity, which we can’t even fathom this side of heaven, because all we know is a fallen world, and ultimately death.  When we lean into him, I think He gives us glimpses of what eternity will be like.  Seek Him!  Find those glimpses as we search and serve Him.

In my quiet time, a though came to me yesterday.  This is not certainly not scripture, but I have noticed that when I live for myself (which I have the unfortunate tendency to do), it is like eating sugar.  It satisfies for a moment, but then it is gone and we just want more.  In contrast, living for others and, more importantly, for the sake of God’s kingdom is more deeply nourishing and satisfying.  May we strive to know the satisfaction he has placed an “echo of” in our hearts as we choose to live for Him, and know the nourishment and satisfaction of living a life worthy of the calling that we have received! (Eph. 4:1-6)

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