Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

One Soldier



August 2, 2022


The soldier loved gambling, the rolling of the dice,

Breaks up monotony, though a fool’s paradise.

“A God-forsaken land, a thousand miles from home,

At discharge will I have post-traumatic syndrome?”


Punishment here, severe, death for two lousy thieves,

Was the third one sentenced for just what he believes?

Cruel justice meted out, on this third criminal.

The living dead a mob, screaming and cynical.


The crowd in a frenzy, red rage on their faces,

Slurs, scorn and disdain hurled, But He? He embraces!

“Father, please forgive them, they don’t know what they do.”

Soldiers stunned in silence, “Grace for them??? Him they slew!!!”


“Into My Father’s hands I commit My spirit.”

“Who is he talking to? This death? This, he merits?”

No more words from his voice, though blood trickles below,

“Ram the spear. Pierce his side. Let blood and water flow.”


The crowd walks back to town, their frenzy satisfied.

“What kind of man was this? Was it for them he died?

Was he a son of God, this corpse now cast aside?”

Could God be glorified? His blood for me applied!!!


“Four pieces of his clothes, we soldiers each have one,

One seamless garment left; the dice will show who won.”

King David did foresee from centuries long passed,

Centurions and dice, and Christ’s love, unsurpassed.



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